Papa’s birthday!

December 2012

Our first round of celebration for Papa was at Yam’s Kitchen, on a Saturday.
DiSi bought a really delicious fruit cake from The Patissier.



The second part of the birthday was on the actual day when my dad took time off work and we literally had all the meals together. For breakfast, Mummy, Kim, Ryan and me went to Mac Donalds to have breakfast.

Then, around 1pm, E, Leon and his girlfriend came down to Sushi Express at City Link to lunch with us. (No photos taken then because we were so hungry!) We had two tea breaks- one at Kilinney Koptiam and another at Starbucks while waiting for E to finish his work and have dinner at Pu Tien.






And there is a birthday surprise from Pu Tien!





The Birthday Boy- my Papa!


So, happy birthday Papa! Hope you had a fabulous day with all of us. Thank you for being such a great dad to all of us when we were growing up- encouraging us when we are down, pushing us to achieve greater heights, celebrating our small successes in lives. We love you so much! xxx



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