City of Love- Paris Day 3

November 2012

Third day in Paris. Still feeling awesome. We walked to a nearby French bakery- Thevenin as recommended by the people in our hotel. It was bustling with the early crowd, waiting to grab their breakfast before work. We were one of the few people who got a seat to have our breakfast at the cafe.

DSC01349 DSC01357 DSC01351 DSC01352 DSC01353 DSC01354 DSC01355 DSC01356


After breakfast, we headed off to Champ Elysees for Louis Vuitton shopping! Asians filled almost every luxury brand store we been to in Paris and Louis Vuitton was no exception. And interestingly, most of the shop sales people are Asians as well. Heehee.

DSC01358 DSC01362



Headed back to the hotel after shopping and went for some steak-frites lunch at Le Relais de l’Entrecôte. One of our very nice sit-down meals but I was still very full from the heavy breakfast. Had my first glass of red after a long while because Dr Cheng told us it was okay to have a glass a day(even when I am pregnant). Heehee.

DSC01365 DSC01368 DSC01366 DSC01372 DSC01371 DSC01373 DSC01374



More Chanel Shopping!!! This time at the original Chanel shop at 31 Rue Cambon where I got a GST and some earrings. Heehee. I managed to convince the sales person to let me take a picture at the spiral staircase that my friend Zat was going on about. In fact, they did not allow anyone to take any pictures at the staircase that period because they were undergoing some renovations for that area so I get I was lucky to have a super nice sales person- Jun Pan!

But I love the service at Rue Cambon than the one at Rue Royale(the place where I got my classic clasps). When I was the Rue Cambon, Jun Pan served me tea(very nice tea), showed me many designs for the bags I was looking for(in the end, I got the GST in black even though the blue one was just as nice), patiently let me browse through the selection of the earrings and sunglasses, gave me a rain cover to cover my Chanel shopping bag because it started raining, even let me take a picture at the spiral staircase…. I feel that is really exceptional service. The service at Chanel(Rue Royale), Longchamp and Louis Vuitton was a-okay(better than Singapore) but I felt that I enjoyed my shopping experience best at Rue Cambon! I should have bought more stuff!






After all these shopping(again!!!), we headed back to the hotel because I was feeling extremely tired(because I am feeling very pregnant!) and we bought our take-away dinner from the Chinese-French bakery.

And of course, there is an awesome picture of me and all my beautiful purchases! Like what E’s say, this is like my fashion pilgrimage. And I am so happy that my husband understands me well enough that bag shopping super cedes all museums and castles visits(like seriously!).

Life is so so so sweet!






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