And quick updates of my December…

December 2012

I am now blogging from Polliwogs at Robertson Quay.

1. My family just left for Spain last Friday. We are missing them badly already. They tangoed me last afternoon and the apartment they are staying in looks awesome and I think quite affordable. Maybe E and I can do a couple trip to Spain next year? What say you baby?

2. Our domestic helper is finally here but not before some drama. Not really drama but we witnessed some drama of an unhappy couple with their helper at the maid agency. There was shouting and banging of tables. The couple was telling us how we should not get helpers from that particular agency. Hmm… not exactly the best start for us because of what they shared with us. So now, after 6 days of having a helper at home, I am still crossing my fingers. House is cleaner(like it is clean everyday). Meals are prepared. We have more time to accompany Ryan to play, swim and read. On top of that, we have more quality time to spend together at night watching tv while Ryan sleeps and we are not that exhausted. The downside would be compromising on privacy. Hmm… will update further on this decision.

3. Ryan looks happy playing on the slide at Polliwogs now. Just two weeks ago, he had a play date with Baby Faith. Baby Faith is growing to be a pretty girl with a very sweet smile. Hope to have more play dates this December.


4. Papa’s birthday was quite nice. And that is also because of many factors. Hope my dad and my mom stay healthy and safe. Always. As we get older, I am more worried for our parents- especially in areas of health and safety.  Hope God will bless them in these areas because we have yet to have our big break to let them enjoy lives.

5. E’s surprise birthday was also quite successful. E was pleased and I have his wonderful family and friends to thank for. Maybe I should plan another one when he is 40 and when there is a bigger budget. Next year, it will be back to going to some steakhouse routine. A lot easier. Hahaahah.

6. Just attended our first Xmas party with the Ham Hams last night. It was held at the newly weds- Alvin and Vivian’s. Awesome Christmas dinner with hawker fare from Bedok 85. I love their house- especially the kitchen concept. Had an interesting gift exchange and thankfully they like our latest baby Ham Hams- Baby Ryan.


7. My Jc teacher just gave me a whole load of maternity wear. They are really nice and new- from brands like F21 and Mango. Hahaha. That is possibly because my teacher herself is a fashionista and so I get to inherit pretty cool stuff. She came to my house to pass me the clothes and it is interesting how she did not age a single bit despite having 2 kids and being so good in her career. Before she left, she left me with well wishes that she hopes that I will be a tai tai soon. Hahaahah. I like well wishes along those lines.

8. For my last visit to Dr Cheng, while told me that I could ride a Segway in Paris (but disallowed by the agency), I could drink one glass of red wine daily(which I did once in Paris), he also reminded me that I was gaining too much weight for this pregnancy. Omg… I cannot describe how much I have been eating. I am like forever hungry. Hope Mei Mei will be good to absorb all the food intake. Of course, E is very kind and he tells me that I am pregnant and not fat. But we know the truth.

9. Unlike me, Ryan is being a super fussy eater now. The only food he takes is milk! I am serious!  With my mother(being only one who can feed him solids) in Spain, things are not the most positive. E and I are working on a new menu this week to see if it helps to improve Ryan’s appetite.

10. I feel that God has been very good to me and my family. We are not the most frequent church goers. But He remains central in many of our family’s decisions and He is faithful in ensuring that all of us are kept safe. We are thankful for all these positive opportunities and outcomes.

Well, that is all for quick updates. Going for another man yue party and then off to visit my hot mama Evie and her kiddos.



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