A Ham Hams Christmas…

December 2012

Christmas with my Ham Hams is always about hawker fare. I am serious. I think 90% of the time we meet at Simpang, which is not exactly the most restaurant type of place. This Christmas, it was held at the love nest of Alvin and Vivian and coincidentally, they live near our all time favourite Bedok 85. Hence, our Christmas spread was from that awesome hawker place! And of course we over ordered once again.



For Christmas gathering in 2009, we looked much younger at Simpang.



And I think we had our inaugural Christmas gift exchange, with a twist. As you can see, our Ma couple was not the most happy being Number 1 and 2 because their choice of gifts could be “snatched” away from the later numbers.

Baby Ryan was very entertained through the night by the colorful Post-its that the Lee couple have at home. Heehee.


DSC01953 PicMonkey Collage



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