Food Tasting at The Petit Bowl

December 2012


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Mummy Evie invited Ryan and me to join her friends for food tasting at The Petit Bowl when I complained to her about Ryan’s eating habits. Ryan is a super picky eater and throughout the whole 11 days when my mother was away, he ate very minimal solids and drank milk most of the time. So, I decided to give The Petit Bowl a visit with my fussy eater- Ryan Yap.

The Petit Bowl is a kitchen that whips up healthy and nutritious food for toddlers. The store will prepare the meals and freeze it. During the food tasting, the toddlers were given 6 samples of mains(mee sua, pastas, vegetable curry couscous…) and 2 desserts(peach yogurt and strawberry yogurt  to try. Of which, Ryan only sort of liked one- the cheesy pasta. I cannot tell you how it pains me to see other kids eating while my child is the one refusing to open his mouth or spitting whatever that he tries. I mean Ryan does not even want to have the yogurt that the rest of the kids love! *sigh* Of course, I think the food at the Petit Bowl must be delicious because I see the rest of the toddlers enjoying their meals. So, ohwells.

I think all the parents bought a weekly lunch plan for the kids and of course, I did not since Ryan did not seem any interested at all. Boohoo. So, anyways, if any parent know how to solve the food issue of my picky eater, please do drop me an email. I really need help!



2 thoughts on “Food Tasting at The Petit Bowl

  1. Joyce says:

    Jonathan tried Petit Bowl too (he had the stewed beef with barley). He didn’t like it. He’s a picky eater too. Meal time is always a long affair for me.

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