Pasir Ris Park- ybike and daddy!

December 2012










It was just a while ago in October when Ryan’s feet could not touch the ground when he was on the ybike(Read Ryan’s first time on the ybike). Over the past month, he grew a wee bit taller and could manoeuvre the ybike better. In fact, he was the one who practised on his own when he is at home- constantly trying and not giving up despite falling several times. Each time when he falls and gets trapped under the bike, he will call “Help Help” in a totally adorable way. Awwww….

E also made an effort to play with him on the ybike at nights or over the weekends and hence it helped in his confidence in using the bike. So last Saturday, we brought Ryan to the park and he had fun playing with his bike and after which  he went to the Pasir Ris big playground to play his favourite red train. Gong Gong always brings him to play on the red train the the evenings after work and hence Ryan was very familiar with the park.

When the weather got rather warm, we headed off to Ikea and Giant for our air con refuge and to top up the groceries for the week. Totally one of the lazier Saturdays by far.




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