Christmas Eve with my Hai Sing Loves!

December 2012


Merry Christmas y’all!



Baby Ryan’s getup for Christmas was all from H&M!


Here are the mummies! Thanks Shihwen for Ryan’s Christmas gift! He loves it! xxx






Every year, the Hai Sing loves come together to celebrate Christmas Eve together. This year is no exception. This time, it was held at Huiwen and Weifeng’s love nest at Punggol. And I must say this couple did a wonderful job in renovating, decorating their place. It has a Scandinavian feel, and Wei Feng cleverly bought cool knick knacks to make his place even more awesome.

Christmas Eve dinner was potluck and everything was yummy- from the rosti, to the cajun chicken, fried finger food, tiramisu, salad and all. The Hai Sing loves sang a Christmas song to amuse Baby Ryan and he even got to make a Christmas wish and to cut the log cake. Heehee. You know what they say about old friends- just like wine, they get better with time.

So, this marks our Christmas Eve. Just with good old friends, comfort food and my small little family.



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