January 2013

The theme for our 2012 would most probably revolve around the theme on Gratitude. I am so thankful for many aspects of our lives- be it big or small.

In July 2012, God sent us a good news in a form of a baby. So, for now, Baby Ryan can look forward to his promotion to an elder brother in 2013. E is extremely excited that the baby is going to be a girl as well! Right now, we are also enjoying our time with Baby Ryan, showering him with all the love and time that we can afford.

I cannot re-iterate how important family support is to us and how we are constantly thankful that there are always people ready to help and assist. It is things like how my mother(major love!) is taking up the role of the main caregiver to Ryan during the weekdays while we are working, how my Dad is always ensuring that Ryan gets his evening fun, how my siblings take time off their work and studies to entertain Ryan, how E’s parents spend Saturday mornings/afternoons with us and so on. Because of all these amazing people, our lives as parents much less stressful, and Ryan’s childhood much more lively and merry!



For our countdown to 2013, we spent it with close family members that I felt that was very meaningful for us. I hope family continues to stay as an utmost priority for me and my close ones. It is through the support of family that E and I managed to get quite many things done in our lives. So, to our dear family members, thank you for contributing to our lives.


My husband, my best friend.
“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.” (1 Corinthians 13:4-8)

I have known E in 2008, we got married in 2010. And yes, E is still the same man as before, or possibly a better man. We do have our small, petty arguments but for most part, marriage is really awesome! You get to see and talk and hang out with the person you love so much everyday! People who know me will know that I am quite a complain queen(I can whine about anything and everything under the sun. Hence, E complements me alot because he is the ever optimist and he often reminds me to think positive and count my blessings. I am also thankful that E always prioritize me and our family time above everything else. Thank you, Lao Gong! xxx





In December, I planned my first ever surprise birthday party for E. It was a small-scale party with only 20 attendees but I am sure the next surprise party for him with definitely be better and bigger just because E is my fabulous husband and he definitely deserves nothing but the best that I can!

Baby Ryan and Mei Mei

Just 20 months ago, Baby Ryan was this small cute little bub. Now, he is this active and curious toddler who has the word, “Mama…Mama..” at the tip of his tongue.

Parenthood is something that changes a person’s perspective of life entirely. At least for me. Like when you have kids, you just want  and hope you can provide them with the best of your abilities, even if it means it will be more tiring and sacrificial on your side. Being able to spend time with my babies(E included) is the most enjoyable for me, even if we are just lazing at home and building blocks or just reading.


E and I are so looking forward to the birth of Mei Mei in 3 months! Life is just going to be a whole lot more beautiful!

For most of 2012, our family has been reasonably healthy except for the dengue scare in November and we had a 3 days 2 nights stay at Parkway East Hospital.

When I was younger, health was never really one of the concerns for me. But now, when I am a wife and a mother, I worry of the health and safety of my family members. I pray that everyone stay in the pink of health and safe in 2013. I also pray for Mei Mei’s safe delivery in April and a successful breastfeeding journey for Mei Mei!

Hmm…this year has been a busy year- because of work, Baby Ryan and my pregnancy. I did not have much time to meet up with my old friends, except for the Hai Sing loves and Ham Hams. Hopefully, I will be able to meet up with some of my older mates in 2013- to hang out and catch up. Anyways, in the year of 2012, many of my good friends have tied the knot and we are so happy for them! Cannot wait to have them start popping babies!



In 2012, I made an effort to try to plan play dates for Baby Ryan and I feel that it is quite a good idea because Ryan gets to socialise with other babies while the mothers get to share experiences. We will be looking forward to continue having more play dates in 2013! Heehee. It is fun to see our kiddos growing up together!




Moving to a new place
So, we finally moved to Jalan Loyang Besar in January. It is quite interesting to note how we changed 2 houses in 2 years. Heehee. However, I suppose we will be staying put in JLB for the next 4 years at least because of child care arrangements. E and I love our new place a lot- we love our view from our living room, we love how near it is to my parents’ place and how it is near the park and all.


E feels that in life, it is all about being positive- the happier you are, the more loved and more gratitude you feel towards life, the more good stuff will go to you. And now, I am at a stage where I feel exactly like that(except for some really bad days….).

Surprisingly, for us, we had two overseas trips. We tried staying out of our home for the first time in June 2012, when we went for a staycation at Mandarin Orchard. Through that stay, we learn how to better pack our bags when travelling with a baby. Our first overseas trip was with Baby Ryan. We went to Bali to witness the matrimony of a very beautiful and special couple. While it was tiring because I am pregnant and had to still mind Ryan in a foreign land, it was still enjoyable and memorable.


The second one was our baby moon- just me and E in Paris in late November. It was a very romantic and meaningful trip. E and I spent more time together, did more couple-y stuff, talked more about ourselves and our future together. Moving forward in 2013 with the arrival of our little princess in April, it might be harder to have overseas trips but I suppose, anything is possible!



2012 has been quite awesome for our family. Ever since I got to know E in 2008, life just feels pretty exciting, meaningful and awesome. In fact, I felt that in 2012, many good decisions were made and opportunities were given. It was a good year. Amidst the many fun weekends and outings(and other than the ones listed above), here are some memorable blog posts:

Baby Show 2012 (and we got second!)

– Ryan’s First Bunny Bash!

Studioplay Session


Family Fashion Show


Of course, all these are only made possible because of God’s grace. (Thank God! And Amen!) In 2013, I pray for the same thing, to have my family, friends and myself to be in good health, to always feel loved and happy, stay safe and HUAT ah! (Actually, I also hope to attain my pre-Ryan’s figure and looks(when I was aged 25)!)



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