My lil’ schoolboy!

January 2013


Ryan finally got his uniform for school! Isn’t he such a cutie!


Hugging his friends in the morning.





Doing some class work.

On a side note, Ryan(as at 20 months) is able to identify 1 to 10 and say it correctly. Just when I thought I was quite happy with his progress, I found out that one of his peers is able to identify and say 1 to 10 in English and Chinese. (-_-)”’ Kids are like super smart or something these days. Now, Ryan is able to say 1 to 10 in Chinese but unable to identify the letters.


Hi Mummy! I am studying!


Actually, I prefer wrestling! (!!!)



Kiddos listening intently to Teacher Maureen!


Observations after Ryan’s second week in school:

1. He naps 3 hours(compared to his previous 2 hours nap) immediately after school. A sign of sheer exhaustion because of too much play and brainwork(maybe?).

2.Putting him to sleep at 10pm is much easier than before. However, he wakes up at 6.30am everyday.

3. We are still trying to teach him how to share his toys with his peers. Not an easy feat but we are trying.

4. He is excited about going school. When my mother tells him that it is time to get ready for school, he will rush to the door and say, “School, school!”

5. He loves his green schoolbag and we have just bought him a new hat for him to wear as my mother cycles him to school under the hot sun.



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