January updates!

January 2013

As of my 7th month in pregnancy, I am 58kg and Mei Mei is at 1.3kg. According to Dr Cheng, I have gained too much weight this pregnancy. I tell you, I cannot be stopped- I am hungry all the time and I crave for food, especially cakes all the time.

I have not been diligently blogging about my second pregnancy on Mei Mei. It is not that I love her any lesser than Baby Ryan but I am really swarmed with the usual- work, Baby Ryan, new changes- having a domestic helper, having not the best pregnancy conditions- high blood pressure, ballooning weight and contractions(at seven months!) and managing situations- Baby Ryan started pre-school in January, he just fell sick this week(again!). And it is also quite exhausting when Ryan starts becoming more clingy than ever because of Mei Mei. He is almost like a baby koala again, just like how two of us used to be when I was breastfeeding him.


On Baby Ryan and Mei Mei:

We are totally looking forward to carrying our princess in our arms. (Hmm…of course, there is the painful childbirth process that I have to go through before that and I am scared!) We have decided on her English name and the Chinese name is still pending because E’s parents said the book(used to count the strokes for best selection of Chinese names) is missing! Okay, we will have to decide that later… but we have a rough idea of what we want already and maybe we can search the internet for ideas?

Most of Mei Mei’s clothes will be hand me downs from Baby Ryan. This just means that she will be wearing quite a bit of white and blue stuff at home. We need pink/floral stuff for her to wear when we go out. (Lao Gong, we are counting on you!)

Baby Ryan is like sticky glue now. He sticks to me all the time. Of course, like 60% of the time, I like it. Most of the mornings when I have to leave him, I don’t. Baby Ryan will be bawling his eyes out and looking so ever pitiful and E will be rolling his eyes at the main door and giving me the “You are so indulgent!” look. Argh! Anyways, I really enjoy being a mother- so so so much. It is almost like my validation in life comes from being a mother to my children. Sometimes when I think about it, I feel surprised by my change in mentality- from someone who likes being live the nightlife(at least once or twice a week) to this homebody who loves(loveslovesloves) cuddling with her baby.

Anyways, I am thankful that Baby Ryan enjoys school. Come next year, he will be attending nursery and I suppose attending to pre-school will help him manage him expectations of working and playing with his peers.



Now that I am in my third trimester, I am both excited and worried. I am excited because I have safely reached the third trimester- some issues here and there but I am someone who believes in positive thinking. Note to self: I will only focus on the good and meaningful parts! Heehee. However, there are also some worries- like breastfeeding, like sleeping arrangement for the kids and whether I have enough love for both my kids and husband. (E is beside me now and he says, “Of course, you have!”) But…. you know, I am just been a natural worrier. I really want to be able to breastfeed Mei Mei at least for a year(Baby Ryan only weaned off at 15 months.) I remember having problems for breastfeeding Baby Ryan in the beginning- so please pray for me that my breastfeeding journey will be a smoother one this time round.


On parenthood:

E and I are still learning how to be parents. I tell you, I am actually eating up a lot of my words on parenting. I am not sure if it is because I am a working mother or what- but when I finish work and see Baby Ryan- all I want is to spend all my time with him, loving him and making him feel loved. This is not really good because it is noticed that I am starting to be quite indulgent. E plays the less glamourous role(hence, it does not take up as much as his time vis-a-vis mine)- the disciplinarian and sometimes we have disagreements on parenting styles. Of course, both of us mean well for our kids but I suppose we really need to take a more balanced and consistent approach. And I need to harden my heart to Baby Ryan- my lil’ cute puss in the boots! Awww….


Weighty issues:

I am fat. It is official and I have this terrible thought that after pregnancy, I will still look like this Godzilla! I don’t understand how can I feel so hungry all the time and where does my cravings come from! Sometimes, I dread going for my gynecologist’s appointment and seeing the disapproving look on Dr Cheng’s face. *sigh sigh*

E, being the ever supportive husband, tells me that I am gorgeous all the time. But I think he says it because he is actually a nice person. It is quite rude to call a pregnant person fat. You know. It really does not help when the media always portray how most actresses/models being able to lose the baby weight after like 1 month! (I know I am not a actress/model and I don’t need to do that! But my weak subconscious is telling me otherwise!)


On having a domestic helper:

On the part of having a domestic helper, just like most things, there are the pros and cons. Our helper joined us in December when my family flew off to Spain. I was left with Baby Ryan and her everyday. I was not used to the arrangement- because there is always someone I needed to take note for and I also felt that our privacy was invaded. I asked E every night if we made the right decision. The first night she stayed over, I could not sleep because I just felt odd that a stranger was staying with us. Things got better when school started- I get to go to work and my mother will have to spend most of her time with the helper. My mother is just like me- just older, more mellowed and much nicer and so she was initially just as uncomfortable but things are much better now.

Of course, there are days and nights when we felt thankful for having a helper. She helps us with the household chores, she cleans Ryan’s poop(neither E nor I like to clean poop) and now when Ryan is unwell(and vomitting like a merlion), it helps having a helper to change the sheets(which is an extremely “urgh” task to do when you are sleepy) in the middle of the weeknight while I bathe Ryan and E stands at the toilet door looking extremely groggy. Most of the thankless(not to mention meaningless!) household chores are offloaded to her, I still handle Baby Ryan and my husband(Hahaha!). The house is relatively clean most of the time. For now, things look okay- there were some teething issues but nothing really major actually.


On the coming CNY:

I love Chinese New Year- much much more than Christmas actually. I get to spend time with family and friends, eat yummy goodies, see Baby Ryan play with his peers and enjoy all the steamboat meals that I can.

Actually, I am looking forward to having a extremely HUAT HUAT year- one that is healthy, safe, loving and prosperous!


Okay, that is all for updates! Till the next time when I get some free time!



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