February the 4th- and my new 5Cs

February 2013

Today is supposed to be the start of the Spring Festival(according to the Solar Calendar or something) and E and I wore red to work because we want to be Huat Huat in the Year of the Snake. So last weekend, it was quite a happening one- considering how we hosted our first CNY gathering with the Ham Hams on Saturday and we brought Baby Ryan to Polliwogs on Sunday. (There will be more updates/photos on the CNY gathering on another post, I hope.)

Before that post, here’s a picture of our most recent gathering for lo hei and steamboat! Huat Huat!  恭喜发财. 大吉大利. 年年有余.一本万利.油水多多. 金银满屋. 生意兴隆.满地黄金. 捞起!捞起!今年捞个风生水起! And not forgetting Bai Bai Mei Mei Shou Shou! Bonus Duo Duo( and along the lines of awesome career advancement + $$$ vis-a-vis how we were wishing for higher GPA when we were in SMU…) Safety Safety! 

Us, in 2012.

Us, in 2011.


Us in 2010. And to prove that it was CNY, you can see Alvin and Shangz with oranges and angbaos! According to memory, we still have one of gathering of us at Shangz’s house, having steamboat with all types of balls(fishballs, prawn balls,….). But I cannot find the photo! Where is it?!!?


Okay, I am totally missing out the point on the blog entry. So, I was reading through my news feed on Facebook in the morning and I saw a meaningful post shared by one of my gorgeous Mummy friend, Zoey. I thought perhaps by blogging about it, perhaps, I can make some changes for my 2013.

So, in the Year of the Snake, other that my usual Huat Huat wishes for my family, friends and myself. I look forward to my new 5Cs on top of my usual material 5Cs:

1. Compare less- Only compare with myself and not others. Make active changes to make myself a better person.

2. Cherish what you have- To continue on Gratitude Sunday posts and always count my blessings and appreciate my family, friends, my ❤( E)  and my life.

3. Choose your attitude- To always have a positive attitude in everything I do.

4. Complain less-

5. Change your circumstances and yourself-


Okay, got to go. Ryan is up from his nap! Will update more later!



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