Chinese New Year 2013!

February 2013

Us- a family of 4 in 2013. Happy New Year, ya’all! (And yes, I know Baby Ryan does not look too happy in this picture! He had to be woken up from his dreamland for the third house visiting of the day.)

Us, in 2012- when we were a family of three.

Chinese New Year is a very important occasion for most Chinese around the world and we are no exception. In fact, I love Chinese New Year! I love the preparation towards the day(even though spring cleaning can be quite a bother. But with a helper this year, woots!), I love buying the sinful but oh-so delicious melt in your mouth cookies, I love how this festive allows everyone to be keep their schedule free for family, I love how my family can sleep late and wake up late together during this festive season…. Heehee.

So, Chinese New Year lasts for 15 days- so let us enjoy ourselves to the fullest!


Anyways, here’s a picture of me passing Ryan’s first 压岁钱 of the year. The traditional “ya sui qian” (压岁钱, 压祟钱) refers to the cash that’s inside a red envelope (hongbao, 红包) on New Year’s day. Only on New Year’s Day is a hongbao known as ya sui qian in honor of the terrible monster, Sui (祟), and acts as a little spiritual health insurance. Traditionally, the amount of money received should start with an even number. Eight (八, ba) is lucky because it sounds like the word “wealth.” Six (六, liu) is lucky because it sounds like the word “smooth,” which is what you hope the new year will be. (Refer to source.) 529446_10151271700235885_1760753399_n



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