Celebrating Chinese New Year.

February 2013



This year, we tried to spend a bit more effort on decorating the house- to welcome the year and to bring in awesome fortune. We bought the festive decorations only on the day before New Year Eve because Mummy told us that the price of the items will be hugely discounted by then. And she is right! Heehee.


As usual, we had our 年糕( sounds similar to Nian Gao年高 (年年高生) implying promotions or prosperity year after year), 蒜苗(“蒜” sounds like calculating (“算”) in Mandarin, those celebrating Chinese New Year like to consume this vegetable (usually on the eve and 7th day) as an auspicious symbol of wealth (lots of money to count) in the coming year.) amidst our huat huat mandarin oranges. Of course, we also bought the usual bak kwa(sweet meat), pineapple tarts, nuts and some other chinese new year goodies.




This year, our family bought quite a few 元寶 to put around out house.



Here’s my 压岁钱 from Lao Gong!


Ryan, in his new pyjamas bought by Mama. I do not know why but apparently it is a tradition for quite a number of Chinese families to get new pyjamas for children to wear on Chinese New Year.



Dinner with family! Italian style.

Here’s our Prosperity Menu:
1. Pasta- Carbonara
2. Pizza- Tuna and Mushroom
3. Poultry- Chicken
4- Peach Jelly





Wishing everyone an awesome year ahead! There are still about 12-13 more days of Chinese New Year feasting and gatherings. Sometimes, there may be some unhappiness but let’s try to put all these aside and look forward to getting all the positive energy from this celebrations!




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