February 2013

除夕is one of the most important dates for Chinese families. This year, we celebrated abit differently from previous years ever since I got married. We had lunch with E’s family and dinner with mine. So, this year, I managed to spend some time with my family as well! 🙂

Our lunch was at Paradise Inn at Changi Airport Terminal 1. Company was good and Ryan behaved well. However, food was far from being satisfactory considering the amount we paid. Here’s our yusheng/lo hei(Prosperity Toss) from the restaurant. Yusheng is a must-have for most of our Chinese New Year gatherings because it is a symbol of abundance, prosperity and vigor.






Our second lo-hei of the day was from Sukuraya- The Fish Market. It was not cheap but considering how delicious it was, the yusheng was definitely value for money. In fact, it is one of the best yusheng I have eaten! And my family approves of it as well. I suppose we will be getting the same thing from Sakuraya the next year!




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