February 2013


Ryan is growing up really fast. The picture above is taken during his first year birthday party at 5 Drunken Rabbits. (Picture is from Eileen Tan)


Now, Ryan is like 10 months older than before and loves counting 1-10 over and over again before he sleeps and sometimes in the middle of his sleep(!!!). He recognizes most of the alphabets. At 22 months, he is able to say A-F in order but he is able to identify other letters of the alphabets(like H, S, R, O, etc), possibly due to the flashcard apps on his Nexus. Of course, there are faster babies around his age- who is able to do more things but I suppose E and I are happy that Ryan is really growing up to be quite a happy boy. That itself, is a good enough for us.


My baby boy is really active- he loves running, swimming, dancing, riding his Ybike, hopping around, making everyone get involve in games. And surprisingly, he likes singing as well!



He is also quite a bookworm and I read to him every night before he sleeps- his favourite stories are The Penguin, Dr Sprocket Makes a Rocket, The Magic Tree, and The Blueberry Pie. He is able to memorise many words from the book and it is cute when he helps to finish off the sentences. We do not go to the library as often as before because I am pretty much tired all the time and we spend most of our time at home. And I tell you, Ryan is a Drama Prince in the making- sometimes, he makes the most incredulous faces while I read to him at night. (!!!)



E and I are amazed by his growth ever since he started school in January- he is able to sit down and concentrate on puzzles and he is starting to feed himself. Still messy, but it is a good start. Actually, he prefers to eat himself these days. As usual, he loves reading before he sleeps. One of his favourite things to do is to tussle with his Dad Dad. He will pounce on E and shout loudly, “Fight Fight!” and burst out in a hearty laugh.




Of course, there are days when it feels like he is starting on his Terrible Twos journey. He will insist on certain things and when told otherwise, he will throw a temper! Like sometimes, he is okay with bathing but there are occasions when he will struggle and if we are not fast enough- he will fall and get hurt. 😦



Here’s two pictures of my baby, after he got a scolding from me and he pretended to cry for a while before falling asleep in the same position. Heehee. Told you that he is quite dramatic!




Right now, I think I am leading quite a different life from many of my girlfriends from school. They are always jet setting to some cool destination with friends, they go on business trips(and I imagine them to be all glamed up for meetings and meeting interesting people), they dress up and go for brunches and high teas in beautiful dresses. Their make-up is always immaculate and hair is always coiffed. And yes, I feel envious. Sometimes. When the Ryan is crying or sick, when I feel that I am so tired carrying a 13kg baby while being heavily pregnant, cleaning poop, or when the day did not go as well as it is supposed to…

But most of the time, I am pretty much at peace with what I have. I love E. I love Ryan and Mei Mei. It is crazy but deep in night, when E and Ryan sleeps, and sometimes, I do look at them- I feel this unimaginable, overwhelming bliss in my heart. And yes, I feel all these are all worth it.



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