A Huat Huat Ham Hams CNY!

February 2013

A week before the arrival of the Snake Year, the Hams Hams held our annual CNY lo hei session/gathering. (Click on this link to see how we have grown over the years!) We had our yusheng from Sakuraya and like what I mentioned before, it was so awesome! We will definitely be getting the same thing for the next CNY. And because it was so delicious, we ordered another round for our reunion dinner with my family.



Here’s the Ham Hams. Wtih Shangz and TK absent. Shangz is still in Dubai and Tk was taking photos for Chingay. And of course we missed their presence!


We missed them so much that we drew a picture of Shangz for our photo taking! What’s Ham Hams gathering without Shangz’s grumpiness and attitude?



Huat Ah! And the usual things we wished for:
1. More money- so much that it over flows.
2. Career Advancement
3. Health
4. Safety
5. Beauty- along the lines of being fair, slim and pretty.
6. Healthy and Happy Ham Hams, Hamlets and Hamlings.
7. Minimum effort, Maximum results.



Ryan looked quite shocked at our lo-hei session because we are not exactly the most quiet sort.



The start of our steamboat dinner and yes, we over bought again. But the food items were oh-so good especially now our steamboat came with the grill function! We brought Baby Ryan to my parents(like 2 minutes drive away) while we had out steamboat dinner and adult talk. This is one reason why newly married couples should always consider living near parents! I cannot imagine the logistics of many things if we were still living in Telok Kurau while my parents are in Pasir Ris. Okay, that is really out of point.

Anyway, the grill function is really cool and I think out beef and pork slices tasted much better grilled. And Weili is officially our chef for meat grilling!




We also celebrated Weili’s birthday very much in advance. Heehee.


And what is a gathering of the Ham Hams without Bananagrams! And I tell you, Tian Tian is awfully good at it- I suppose it is possibly due to a job thing because she writes glowing reviews for her company all the time!



I think our next year’s CNY gathering will be a lot more fun- more junior members will be arriving! HUAT HUAT AHHHHHHHHHHH!



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