Gillian, our sweet love.

February 2013

I tell you, choosing Ryan’s name was much easier than choosing Mei Mei’s name. Well, E just decided that his first son will be Ryan because his soccer hero is Ryan Giggs. As for Mei Mei, we thought for a long long time.

It would be natural that we gave her a name starting with the letter R after Ryan, but it was quite difficult to find a female baby name R that resonated with everyone. There were opinions that Rachel was too common and boring, Richelle was too funky and that Rebecca had too many syllable.

Because of our babymoon in Paris, I wanted to name her either Celine or Sophie but E felt that the names did not go well with his surname- Yap. He said that if her English name were to end with “-an”, it will sound better with his surname. This meant that we did not have much choices- it was down to Susan, Vivian, Megan, Lilian, Gillian/Jillian. And then one night in December, E just decided that Gillian will be the name for Mei Mei.

And so, Mei Mei, if you are wondering… your Dad Dad chose this name for you. We looked up the meaning and it meant youthful and that is a beautiful meaning for a baby girl’s name. We took a long while to decide but well, we found The Name for you that we hope you will love as much as all of us.




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