Russian at Shashlik

December 2012

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Shashlik is always a place that E says that he wanted to bring me to. It is because he has fond memories of lunching there when he was a child. His grandmother used to be a kitchen helper at Shashlik and hence E often had his meals there as a child.

So, during one of the weekends in December, we managed to have an opportunity to have our lunch there as we also needed to finalise some domestic helper’s documentations at Far Ear Shopping Centre. That afternoon, Baby Ryan fell asleep on our way for lunch and this meant that we could eat in peace and have some proper conversation! Heehee.

Shashlik felt really old school- with minimal decor and lighting. And most of the wait staff are like really old… but efficient, of course. I also noticed that the restaurant had a steady stream of regular customers. E had the Oxtail Stew lunch set that came along with a Borsch soup and a cup of tea while I had the Shashlik Beef(pretty pricey for just a piece of meat!). We also shared a Baked Alaska for dessert. Actually, I love the warm, soft buns with butter that they serve so much that I ordered it three times and ate it all by myself! Overall, both of us enjoyed our lunch date even though I thought it will be more worthwhile if we ordered two lunch sets instead of one.



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