Vgang CNY Steamboat

February 2013

PicMonkey Collage



There are many parts of my life when I met really good people and the Vgang is a group of people I am very fond of. I met all these people towards the final year of my junior college life. We were aquaintances(some of us were History lecture mates) before a school trip to Vietnam. During the 14 days of travelling, we got to know each other better- we ate local delicacy- fried worms when we were in Sapa, spent the night playing cards while we were on the overnight train, we went shopping for tailors to get our clothes done, shared many nights at each other’s hotel rooms eating cup noodles and talking about life and joking about random stuff. Since that trip, some of us became really tight friends- like being able to be there for each other during difficult episodes of life.

Initially after the trip, we often meet up with each other for steamboat sessions at Marina South. The frequency lessened when everyone started university, going for National Service, got attached and so on. However, we still meet up occasionally for gatherings- like baby showers and weddings. This Chinese New Year, some of us managed to find some time to meet up for a steamboat session. Many of us started work in different fields but it feels awesome that these people just feel like the same old people I knew in Vietnam.

Dinner with them was good. And I suppose the next time when we do meet again, Baby Gillian will be out! Till then!



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