private versus public cord blood banking.

February 2013


Once again, E and I are at the same point that we were two years ago- to decide if we should do public or private banking for Baby Gillian.

Previously, for Baby Ryan, we settled for public banking for the cord blood because we felt that it would be a good choice- like how public banking means that Ryan’s cord blood can be kept for free, and if someone urgently needs to use the cord blood, and Ryan’s cord blood matches, it will an awesome donation from Baby Ryan.

However, I think Ryan’s cord blood eventually was not accepted in the public bank. Well, the person-in-charge told me that if Ryan’s cord blood was accepted, I would have received a phone call from them, which I don’t think I did. There are many possible reasons why the cord blood being donated was not stored(contamination, unsuitability, lack of cell count in the cord blood) but of course, E and I were disappointed.

This time round, we also thought of public banking. However, when we asked Dr Cheng, he did not sound too impressed with the whole idea of public banking and he gave us his opinions on it which I thought may not be a good idea to share on the blog. Anyway, E and I will be choosing the option of private banking for Gillian’s cord blood. Maybe, it possibly feels like an unfair decision- to have private banking for Gillian and public banking for Ryan(which was not stored in the end!). However, hopefully, my dear Baby Ryan will understand that E and I thought it was the best choice at the point of decision two years ago.

Now, onto looking at the options of private banking of cordblood, we realised that there are only two players- Cordlife and Stemcord. Cordlife has a sizeable market share in Singapore and also one track record of a successful case. We talked about all these options with Dr Cheng and he told us that there is not much difference between the two companies. E and I are more inclined towards Stemcord because of the lower rates, how they will be storing the cord blood in multiple units and the cord blood units are being split into two locations. At the moment, E and I are still reading up the forums discussion between Cordlife and Stemcord- will update our choice when we make our decision.



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