March 2013

Hubby just came back from a weekend in Bangkok for work. And I miss him like crazy. Like seriously.  I suppose I have become much more dependent on him over this pregnancy.  Well, he did Tango-ed(video chat) with me twice a day when he was there and bought the family plenty of goodies(clothes for kiddos and me. nothing for himself. ♥♥♥) but still, nothing beats having him with the family over the weekend. In fact,  Baby Ryan missed E a great deal too! He kept knocking on the door of the study room and shouting, “Dad Dad!”


Here is a picture of Baby Ryan putting on my stretch mark cream for me while E was away. What a filial baby!

This pregnancy is going to reach the end and I am getting so jittery. First, it has not been an easy journey and at this point in time, we are praying that Baby G will be safely delivered/induced at Week 38, when it will be safe. For the past few weeks, think we have spent a substantial amount for consultations and meds that I am going to not have post natal massage for this pregnancy. Gosh! While there are more complications, it also brought our family closer this few weeks- E is stepping up in many ways(He takes care of Ryan when he gets back from work while I get to sleep early. He bathes Ryan whenever he is at home. They go for gaming sessions. In fact, Baby Ryan has grown to be much closer to E these days! Major ♥! ) to ease my burden and is alot more sensitive to my needs. So maybe having a few challenges in a relationship is good because you appreciate your partner better. Baby G really helped in strengthening the family bond.

Right now, there are a hundred and one thoughts- in my mind. Some good, some bad, mostly worrying thoughts…along the lines of pregnancy, Baby Ryan, Baby G, work, hoping that my helper steps up and be less moody(like seriously!), my confinement, breastfeeding, losing weight and start looking my age and less like an auntie… Think I need to just calm down and just patiently wait for the arrival of Baby G and everything else will fall into place. Just like always.



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