HFMD episode

March 2013

It is the waiting game now. Baby G is due anytime. We wanted to induce Baby G initially but my Baby Ryan had to be down with hand-food-mouth disease at this critical point in time.


The above picture was taken of Baby Ryan on Sunday.  Our Good Friday weekend was nothing lesser of a huge drama. On Thursday morning, Ryan was sent home from school because he was crying incessantly.  When he got home, we gave him some Zyrtec for flu and Progesic fever medicine. He fell asleep for a good part of the day while I was contemplating if I should send him to a pediatrician. But I was not feeling too good that day as well- so I thought I should take the wait-and-see approach.  When he woke up,  he looked relatively okay and we dismissed the morning incident as some minor case of flu bug.

However, in the evening, after we brought him home from my Mom’s, his temperature rose again. Once again, this time round,  I gave him the Panadol suppository as he rejected the oral medicine time and again. Baby Ryan’s fever did not subside(but went up to 39.5) and started vomiting  Naturally, I was the victim of unfortunate vomit incident again. By  8.30ish, we made the decision to go to the A&E at Parkway East Hospital.  Of course, Baby Ryan had to vomit on me(again) while we were on the way there. *sigh* This time round, it was not too bad as we brought along a change of clothes for myself and Ryan.

– continued-
Updated (April 2013)

The A&E was not crowded when we got there and we waited for our turn. Turned out the doctor did not know what was wrong with Ryan(suspected to be dengue fever but it was too early to tell) and said he could only treat the symptoms. So he was given a stronger fever medicine and was given a jab for his vomiting. We only managed to leave the hospital a little past 12 in the morning. It was total madness. Of course, E, being the dedicated hubby, managed to pacify his wife by getting her Simpang kosong pratas on the way home. By the time we reached home, Ryan was already feeling much better. We finished our supper while Ryan watched his Wiggles. It was already 2 in the morning.

I believe it is a mother thing- but I went to set my alarm clock(hour by hour) to check on Ryan’s temperature while E slept soundly. Of course, I had to insert the suppository around 4.30 in the morning as Ryan’s temperature went up again. *sigh* Things remained the same on Friday and Saturday- Ryan’s temperature fluctuated but it was made worse by his refusal to eat or drink. Ryan refused milk and water vehemently. In order to ensure that he remained hydrated, we allowed him to drink orange juice, 100 plus, Ribena or whatever he wanted. Not like he took the opportunity to indulge in those sweetened drinks, but he drank some at least. And keeping him hydrated was our key priority. We also noticed that there were some spots around his mouth area and hands- but brushed it off aside, thinking that it could be because Ryan did not wash his mouth properly after meals.

By Saturday evening, his spots got worse and I started suspecting that it could be HFMD. We went to read up about HFMD and compared his symptoms to that of HFMD. And they were really similar. We got really worried when we read what was on the KKH’s website. Because I am in my final stage of pregnancy, it was really risky to the pregnancy that Ryan and I were in such close contact. At that point in time, I truly felt helpless- Ryan was feeling extremely unwell and yet, I was advised by the nurse to stay away from my son. We got a second opinion from Dr Cheng(called him on his emergency line) and he said the same thing but also told us that as long as we maintained good hygiene, the risk would be much smaller. 😦

On  Monday, E and I brought Ryan to the pediatrician in Pasir Ris instead of Dr Vasanthi at Parkway because I was really exhausted from the whole weekend. I thought I should just visit a doctor in the vicinity as I wanted to return home as soon as possible to rest. It was a bad decision and I had a terrible morning because of a combination of factors. It is just madness- to be waiting 2.5(nurse estimated wait to be 1 hour) hours to see the pediatrician(because of the nurse’s inability to estimate the waiting time correctly), to be expected to stand outside the clinic in the hot weather because HFMD is contagious, having a feverish and crying baby throughout the wait, and to be heavily pregnant with all these existing conditions. And yes, when we finally saw the pediatrician, Ryan was confirmed to be  HFMD case and was given antibiotics and creams for his spots. Ryan was also given a week leave from school.

After the trip to the clinic, we headed to the pharmacy to stock up on the hand sanitisers for our home, car and diaper bag. Well, this episode is an experience I would not want any parent to go through. While it was unnerving, there were some positive things that came out of it- Ryan is finally sleeping on his bed alone(no more co-sleeping!) and E is having better hygiene(thank God!). Both of these are actually pretty good improvements especially since Baby G will becoming out this week(for sure!).

Right now, Ryan is still recovering but his spots are less red and he does not have fever anymore. So, with these updates, I am out till Baby G pops out!



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