First time- Me with 2 babies!

April 2013

Baby Gillian came into the world on 10 April 2013- the same birthdate as her Mama and elder brother, Ryan. I will update with her birth story in a later post!



Right now, on a Monday, I am home alone with 2 babies and my helper. E is off at work for the first part of the day. Of all times, Baby Ryan is down with flu and cough and hence have to miss school.  Right now, I am feeding Baby Gillian as I watch Ryan like a hawk, lest he comes over to kiss Gillian.  We will be going to the pediatrician in the afternoon for Ryan to get his meds and for Gillian to her blood test to test for jaundice level.

E and I have been overwhelmed with a series of events since last week. I suppose that is pretty expected since there were already 3 birthday celebrations on 10 April in the hospital ward. Breastfeeding is still not easy but with the support of E, I will persevere for Baby Gillian. In fact, this time round, it is much more encouraging because E is less of a Nazi(he allows me to feed Gillian formula milk at night- at least till her jaundice is over) and I have joined a April Mummies Facebook group whereby the mummies with babies born in April share about our joy and struggles throughout pregnancy and birth.

Despite Ryan being sick and Gillian having jaundice,  I feel so thankful for so many things. Ryan is taking well to Gillian,  as of now. I had a pretty smooth delivery and Gillian is a total doll. Dr Cheng is definitely as awesome a doctor as Dr Tan. (I feel bad for having doubts about him in the last stage of my pregnancy.  Must be the pregnancy hormones!) E is fantastic in the role he knows best- administrator and financial person of the family. I never needed to worry anything about these aspects since we got together. Mt Alvernia is definitely one of the hospital with the best nurses- I felt so cared for from delivery(especially) to the end of my stay. E’s parents and my family are equally supportive for the past 5 days- in helping out to buy/cook confinement food and caring for Ryan while I rest and work on breastfeeding Gillian.

I really have so many things to share on this space. This year looks like it is going to be as exciting and beautiful as our years before. Heehee. Anyways, thank you for your well wishes and prayers for this period. It is definitely going to be more challenging(lesser sleeping time, heavier diaper bag, more logistics when going out…)with 2 kiddos but it is also going to be twice the fun, laughter and love.



5 thoughts on “First time- Me with 2 babies!

  1. ruby says:

    I chanced upon your blog when I was researching for a gynae as I was told by my friend that Dr. tan han yang retired last year. I used to visit him. 😦 Thanks for sharing your experience and I am now looking for a gynae myself, after reading your blog the Dr. Cheng sounds pretty good. can you pls pass me his contact?
    Congratulation on your baby girl !


  2. joyce says:

    Hi May,

    Congrats on your lovely baby girl, Gillian! I’m sure you will handle Ryan and Gillian well, though I have to admit there are times that I have gone crazy with my 2 boys. Rest well and have a good confinement. Would love to hear about your birth story : )

    • eugenemay says:

      hello joyce. thank you for reading my blog. so far, it has been a tiring 11 days with 2 babies. gosh! birth story is out today! you take good care of yourself as well. xx

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