Hello Baby Gillian!

10 April 2013

Our beautiful angel- Baby Gillian arrived safely and healthily on 10 April 2013 to join our family. It was a wonderful day.



The expected due date(EDD) for Baby Gillian is 11 April, which was actually pretty near to Baby Ryan and Mama’s birth date which is on 10 April. However, E and I always thought Baby Gillian will decide to pop out before her EDD because of my health condition and how everyone was always telling me that #2 will be earlier. In the end, she surprised everyone by staying comfortably in my tummy till Week 38(after Baby Ryan was cleared from HFMD). We decided to induce her on 10 April because we thought that it would be meaningful for the siblings to share the special day with Mama. In this way, everyone’s birthday will be remembered and every celebration will be celebrated in a big way.

So, in the evening of 9 April, we went down to Dr Henry Cheng for our appointment. He cleared me for delivery and told me to check in Mt Alvernia at 12.01am. So, from the time we got back home, it was just a long wait to 11.15pm- the time we decided to set off from home. In the meantime, Baby Ryan was already at my parents’ place, having great fun with his uncles and Aunt Kimberly.


We arrived Mt Alvernia around 12 midnight. Both of us thought the entire process will be very similar to Ryan’s birth story. We expected to check-in, lounge around, maybe snack abit, sleep till 6am and maybe then I will start my whole delivery process? In the end, when we got to Mt Alvernia, we were directed to the delivery ward and the nurse instructed me to go to Delivery Suite 3. I was seriously expecting some sleep before giving birth(I refused to sleep from 7pm-11pm because I thought I would be able to get some sleep in the hospital before giving birth!). So the fact that I ended up in the delivery suite came as a shock to me. I started panicking- and told the E and the nurses that I was not ready. To which, they actually laughed and thought I was kidding!



And so, I was prepped for the night- given medicine to clear my bowels, put on drip to start contractions and was given epidural. You know what they say about once bitten, twice shy. I knew that I would not be able to withstand the painful contractions(my pain threshold is almost non-existent!) and hence I opted for epidural without hesitation this time round. The only thing different for this time would be that I had no contraction pains to mask the pain from epidural jab. And yes, the epidural jab was really painful and I was sobbing like for a good 5 minutes. However, the nurse who was with me in the suite was really encouraging and that really kept me screaming like a mad woman. At 1am, I had only 1 cm of dilation but was soon dilated to 2 cm. Dr Cheng came in around 1.50am to break the water bag and then it was just me and E left in the room, waiting for me to be dilated further.


Ever since then, it was just the waiting game and it was somewhat uncomfortable. The anesthetist told me that he did not give me a high dosage of epidural because he wanted me to be able to feel slight pain in order to push the baby later. Unlike the first time when I was screaming and bawling, this time, when I felt pain, I just wept as I curled in pain. I kept having the impression that I will only give birth after 6am so I did not feel that there was any reason to alert E or the nurses.

The pain started getting more intense at 2ish and by 2.30am, E woke up from his nap and asked why I was whimpering at a corner and was tearing so much. He called for the nurses and we realised that I was already 10 cm dilated. Seriously! Who would have thought that it would be so soon! The nurses called for Dr Cheng who arrived at 2.50am. And the “pushing” process started- the nurses were really enthusiastic in cheering me on pushing the Baby Gillian out. Because of Dr Cheng’s calm and composed manner and the nurses’ boisterous encouragement, it did not take too many pushes to have Baby Gillian out at 3.09am!



When I heard Baby Gillian’s first cries and E laid her down on my chest, I felt so inexplicably emotional. After the whole 9 months of having her in my womb, having multiple scares during pregnancy, it was a huge relief to finally know that Baby G has arrived safe and sound- and she is so so so lovely. Seeing her is like falling in love, except much better and sweeter.


(This is Gillian’s weight! Just a wee bit heavier than Ryan’s. Mummy and Gillian has been eating way too much food during pregnancy!)



(My first kiss to Baby Gillian. On a side note, I remembered when I was preparing to give birth to Baby Ryan, I went to have my eyelash extensions done and have a haircut and whatnot. This time, I was just simply too exhausted all the time during pregnancy, even to leave home. Bah!)


(Our sweet lil’ angel!)
If you are wondering, the red patches underneath her eyes did go off, the pediatrician told us that it was some skin reaction to the new environment.





We are so glad that it was a short and smooth delivery. Just like what I have prayed for. Weeks before, I kept having the worst case scenarios of childbirth in my mind and E had to constantly be my cheerleader to ensure that I do not go crazy or depressed. We are thankful for the family support and friends’ encouragement during these 9 months. Most importantly, there is God, who has been very faithful in keeping our family safe and healthy.


Now, as I am typing this down, I can see Baby Gillian sleeping soundly, I feel so grateful. As of today, she is 11 days old,  her personality shines every single day- Ryan adores his sister and all of us are constantly falling in love with her!



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