Mama and Ryan’s Pre-Birthday Celebration

April 2013

PicMonkey Collage

It was the weekend before 10 April, and we decided to have an early birthday celebration for Mummy and Baby Ryan. Sunday lunch was at Changi Village Hotel where they served a buffet spread of hawker fare- teh terik, rojak, roasted meat, prata…

Food was a-okay. Nothing really spectacular. Am sure the Changi Hawker Centre serves much more delicious dishes. However, the company, air-conditioning and the ambiance make up for the mediocre food. Birthdays are pretty much the occasions that brings everyone together, if not someone is always missing because of work/studies/examinations/projects/baby commitments and whatnot.

I suppose everyone had a good time. Come the same time next year, it will be Baby Gillian’s first year birthday bash- hmm… wondering where it will be. Heehee. Any ideas?


10 April babies
Happy Birthday Mummy and Baby Ryan!
Love them so much!


image4237-1 image4240-1



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