Dr Henry H Cheng

May 2013



Went back for a review with Dr Henry H Cheng last weekend and happy to know that everything is okay. I am so glad that Ryan and Baby Gillian are delivered by two very trusted and capable gynecologists respectively.

As many of you know, Ryan was delivered by Dr Tan Han Yang. When I realised that I was pregnant last year and he retired, I was lost. E and I started our mad search(went to see 2-3 gynecologists but found them to be unsuitable) for a gynecologist and ended up at Dr Cheng’s clinic via  Aunt Heidi’s recommendation. Dr Cheng’s style of working is pretty much similar to Dr Tan. I like how he is very detailed and takes time in explaining to us about the progress of the baby’s development. He is also pretty cool- he allowed me to have my sashimi during my pregnancy, he is also quite pro-epidural as he does not see the point mothers going through the delivery pain and he is pretty chill about breastfeeding(as in, he does not force or insist that mothers MUST breastfeed) and just told me to take it easy.

Towards the end of my pregnancy with all the intestinal issues(possibly need to see a specialist after my confinement…bah), he was very reassuring and we are really grateful for that. Also, he encouraged me to carry Baby Gillian to full term even though I was getting very uncomfortable and was considering to induce earlier. He was also the one who gave us advice on choosing which bank to store Baby Gillian’s cord blood in.

During delivery, he was very calm and composed-this in turn made me less anxious. In fact, he was joking quite a bit after Gillian was out and while he was sewing up my wound. The stitching was done well because I did not feel much pain and could walk around easily from the second day onwards.

One of the best things about getting Dr Cheng as my gynecologist would be the short waiting time at his clinic despite him being high in demand. This is because he has really capable nurses who are great at time management and give extremely clear instructions for everything(e.g. medications, type of tests to be taken and why, payments…) I have been to clinics whereby they do not keep to appointment timing- like after being punctual for my appointment, I have to still wait for a ridiculous 1-2 hours before seeing the doctor!

Package wise, I think Dr Cheng’s is pretty competitive in the market considering how his years of experience. The only drawback is possibly be that his scanning machine is not the most advanced in technology- I had to use quite a bit of imagination as he was showing to me Baby Gillian during the scans. But of course, that was not the priority we were looking for in a gynecologist.

Overall, I must say that it was a good 9 months with Dr Cheng and if, E and I really do have a #3, we will definitely be back with Dr Cheng.



3 thoughts on “Dr Henry H Cheng

  1. Elrica says:

    hi! I found your blog while searching for Dr. Henry Cheng review 🙂
    As of now, I already signed the maternity package with Dr. Henry, but lately we are not comfortable to deal with one of the front desk auntie that keep answering us is a rude manner and as if we are very stupid whenever we ask question to her, have you ever encountered this situation with one of the front desk?

  2. Shayna says:

    Hi there! Chance upon your blog and seems like he is a really good gynae. Do you happen to have his contact as we are currently facing complications with our child and would like to seek a second opinion. Tried calling his clinic a few time but each time he is either attending to a patient of busy.

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