Tenth of April

10 April 2013


10 April will always be a very special date for our family- because it is the birth date of our 3 precious family members- Mama, Baby Ryan and now, Baby Gillian.


My family brought Baby Ryan to visit us in the evening and he was so excited to see his new sister! Here’s our first family photo! Woots!


(Yes, Ryan is a very affectionate boy. I hope he will still remember Mummy after he gets a girlfriend in the future!)



Siblings- Exchanging of presents.

My colleague, Tracy told me that it is very important to prepare presents for both kids to give to each other on the day when they first meet- so as to make the older child feel loved by the younger sibling. I am not sure if it is a Chinese tradition or something- I tried googling about it but nothing came up. Anyway, this is not the first time I heard of parents preparing such gift exchange for the the siblings’ first meeting. Not sure if it works but Ryan was sure happy to receive more presents!

You can see Ryan looking so excited even before tearing the wrapping paper!

Baby Gillian got a Minnie mouse soft toy and Ryan got a set of transformer cars!


Unlike the previous time with Ryan, when I “forced” all my friends to visit me in hospital. This time round, I told everyone, except close family members, to not visit me in the hospital at all. After my first experience, I realised that it would be best that I have minimal visitors during the hospital stay, concentrate on resting and connecting with baby, take time to learn from the lactation consultants the right skills on breastfeeding. And, I made the right decision and I had a much more relaxing hospital stay.DSC04012-1






We had a pizza party for dinner followed by a birthday celebration for our birthday dearies!



(E’s mother bought the birthday cake for our 3 cuties! Thank you!)


Happy birthday all of you!
Stay healthy, safe and happy always.
All of you are loved by many, always.



3 thoughts on “Tenth of April

  1. joyce says:

    Haha… same here. First round, day in day out… so many visitors that I kept mum about Matthew’s arrival until I was discharged. It was a good decision because lesser stuff to carry home and more time to rest which I really needed.

    • eugenemay says:

      yes! hahaha. second mummies’ experience! anyways, i read how your milk supply is so much better! congrats! however, i am still struggling…bah. pray for me ya!

      and i love reading about your boys as well! heehee.

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