Philips AVENT Bottles

May 2013

So far, I am still partial breastfeeding Baby Gillian. Most of the time, I will let her latch on and I will try to pump milk at least 3 times a day. However, I give her one feed of formula milk at day- usually before she sleeps. Inevitably, Gillian will be fed using the bottle at least one or twice a day- be it expressed breast milk(EBM) or formula milk.



There are really many brands of baby bottles in the market however Philips AVENT has always been our family’s choice for baby bottles.Ryan’s first baby bottle was from AVENT and he had no problems with it- Ryan suffered from no colic issue. As parents, we found bottle cleaning was easy as well. I also like the wide-bottle neck feature allows me, with clumsy fingers to pour the scoops of formula milk easily.

Currently, Baby Gillian is using the Classic Bottle and Ryan is using the Advanced Classic Bottle. Here are some key highlights of Philips Avent bottles:

1. Made of 100% BPA free plastic
2. Reduce fussing and discomfort- Clinically proven to significantly reduce fussing
3. Unique anti-colic system- Air goes into the bottle, not baby’s tummy
4. Able to fit baby’s growing needs- Different flow rate nipples available
5. Ergonomic shape- comfortable hold by mother and baby

The Classic Bottle- comes with an adaptor.

The Advanced Classic Bottle

Between the Classic bottle and the Advanced Classic bottle, I very much prefer the Advanced Classic ones. The Classic bottles are slightly more troublesome because of the adaptor ring which was added on to prevent leakage and part of the ‘2-piece’ anti colic system. It was quite inconvenient to have to insert the ring onto the ridge around the teat, and then make sure that it fits perfectly onto the bottle. On the other hand, the Advanced Classic bottles did always with the adaptor rings and it is much friendlier for busy(and sometimes forgetful) mothers. The reason why Baby Gillian is using the Classic bottles is because they were a gift from someone and we decided to just use them. We will eventually upgrade her to the Advanced Classic bottles though.


I feel that Philips AVENT is a trustworthy baby brand. We are also using their bottle steriliser. Our current steriliser is a replacement as our first one crashed a few days before the 2 year warranty. The good people at the service centre replaced our old steriliser with a much newer and better model. Heehee. So, moral of the story- choose a reliable baby brand and always keep your register for your product warranty. 🙂

Will end this post with a picture of our family’s princess!


Philips AVENT bottles can be purchased from our friendly Spring Maternity stores!



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