Happy Mother’s Day!

May 2013




Happy Mother’s Day to Me!

So, E bought me this leg massager- uPhoria from Osim. Think it is a great investment since my legs are always tired. Plus, I enjoy getting a massage while breastfeeding Baby Gillian. After using it over the weekend, I felt that it was so good that I bought one for my mother as well! Heehee.


So, in 2013, I became a mother of two! This is my third Mother’s Day! Wow wee! My life has changed so much since I got married 3 years ago. Motherhood has tested my boundaries in areas- like patience, endurance and love. E always tells me that motherhood changed me for the better. He says I became a more giving person and less self centred. I think all mothers are like that- it is just natural how they will want to prioritise their kids’ needs above theirs.


Being a full time working mother has its set of challenges. There is only 24 hours a day. It is really tough finding a balance between work, kids’ learning, kids’ enjoyment time, couple time, friendship bonding and personal space. There are definitely a group of parents who can manage these aspects smoothly. I read about them on magazines and blogs all the time. Unfortunately, I am still working on finding my balance. Hmmm…I don’t usually have any parenting solutions on my blog. I feel that I am more like a blind-folded person feeling my way in the tunnel of Motherhood, getting some hard knocks along the way, getting despondent at times yet usually feeling very loved by my family all the time!

Often, I feel guilty on not spending more time with my kids and how sometimes I am not there to witness their first milestones in life. It is even worse when I am exhausted after work, and when I get home, I play a half hearted role as a mother. (-_-)”’

I come from a home where my mother is a stay at home mother and I experience how important it is to have at least one parent at home for the children. As a child, I remembered how I looked forward to going home after school to my mom’s homecooked lunch. No matter how simple it seemed to outsiders, it tasted the best to my siblings and me. As a teenager, I remembered no matter how bad my day was in school(bad results, misunderstandings with friends…), there was always someone at home to talk to or just listen to my frustrations. She was always there for me reminding me about my school work and not to be so preoccupied with television, preparing chicken essence for before examinations and just being there as my personal cheerleader and counsellor. So, I totally can see the benefits being a stay at home mom for the kids.

E and I are working towards eventually have me stay at home and care for our kiddos. (Right, Mister E?) His only contention is that I am not exactly the “household chores” type and I am clueless at ironing. The clothes that I ironed can look even worse than it was before! No kidding! Cooking wise, I am not too bad. Plus, my mom is a great chef and I am a fast learner. So, in the meanwhile, I will be waiting for the day when E gives me the green light to retire, to care for the kids but also have someone to do the chores. This is our agreement. Heehee. And that will be the greatest gift E can give me! ♥♥♥



As of now, I try to remind myself that it is mind over body and I should compartmentalise everything, lest I bring my worries and frustrations of one aspect into another. *chants* MIND OVER BODY. MIND OVER BODY. MIND OVER BODY.



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