Marriage, and kids.

June 2013

Two kids are great addition to our family. We spend a lot of time together doing family stuff- reading bedtime stories to the kids, going to the parks, swimming together. It also means couple time are getting more and more precious. The thing is that when you have kids, it is almost like instinctive to want to focus all our energies on being a good parents. Sometimes, it is so easy to forget that we are someone’s wife/husband. It is so easy to forget so many things. So, E and I are thankful for whatever small pockets of time we have as a couple. So, here are some ways we manage to steal time together. Heehee.


Friday Date Nights

If you ask me, E and I are very thankful for the family support that my family have rendered to us. While we miss staying in Telok Kurau and having easy access to all the great food, we also realise that having an extended family who is ready to care for the kids when we need time-off is so valuable. Ever since the birth of Ryan, I somewhat manage to convince my parents to let us go off 2-3 hours  every Friday evenings. So during those hours, we will go for a good meal or possibly watch a nice movie. Whatever small arguments we had over the week would be forgotten just so we can really enjoy our break. Heehee.

Spend time together after the kids are asleep

E and I also try to watch at least one episode of TV series(being HIMYM as our favourite!) every week. This only can happen when we manage to put the kids to sleep early, like before 10pm and if I do not fall asleep with them. (-_-)”’ Watching a TV series together also gives us something new to talk about and look forward to every week!

Having breakfast together

DSCF0006It helps that we have a domestic helper. And we are thankful for that. In this light, we really do not need to spend any time doing/sharing the household chores. I can tell you, doing household chores can really kill either of us. On weekdays, E and I wake up at 7.30 in the morning and breakfast would be awaiting for us. Over breakfast, we talk about morning news or maybe about weekend plans. (Okay, I do bug him sometimes when I see him playing with his phone too much…. Heehee.)


The balance between spending time with the kids and couple time is quite a struggle. Sometimes, after a day’s events, we do feel burnt out and want to collapse on the bed or just play some mindless games/surf the net on our phones. But, marriage is effort and things in life that requires effort usually have more value. I think.



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