Diapers- Moo Moo Kow

July 2013


Hmm…what is Baby Gillian so happy about? Heehee. I suppose our little princess is quite pleased with the Moo Moo Kow cloth diapers that we got her to try over the week!

We have not used any brand of cloth diapers for our children before. Our only impression of cloth diapers are the white nappies used during our grandmothers and mothers’ era. So, after one week experimenting cloth diapers for Baby Gillian, both E and I are impressed by how absorbent and comfortable Moo Moo Kow diapers are.


What is Moo Moo Kow?
Moo Moo Kow is a local brand, founded by mummies who felt that they need to make a difference to their environment and community. Although their factory is in China, they have a quality control officer based in there to ensure that all their products are of top quality!

How does it benefit the baby?
Wearing Moo Moo Kow diapers benefits the baby because it is made of chemical-free formulation that protects baby’s skin. Th stay-dry fabric which prevents diaper rash while keeping baby dry all day long. It is also waterproof and the breathable fabric to ensure comfort. Despite the stifling hot weather these days, Baby Gillian is okay wearing her cloth diapers at home!

How does it benefit the parents?
Cloth diapering is much more economical compared to disposable diapers. Moo Moo Kow diapers are re-usable and it fits baby from birth to potty training! There is no need to waste space to store the bulky packages of diapers.

How  does it benefit our environment?
Compared to disposable diapers, cloth diapering requires less paper and trees. So, if you are the environmental type, cloth diapering is the way to go!



Here’s Baby Gillian in her Red One Size Aplix diapers:



Here’s our little sweetheart in her Pink One Size Snap diapers:


(See how happy Baby Gillian is in her Moo Moo Kow cloth diaper!)

Is cloth-diapering easy with Moo Moo Kow?
It is quite manageable. Each microfibre insert can last about 3-4 hours. Poop washes off easily from the microfibre insert and the suede cloth. There has been no staining. Both the diaper and the insert dries pretty fast in the afternoon. Hmm… as of one week, there have been no leakage incident.

There are two types of diapers that Baby Gillian has tried. Which one do you prefer?
The quality and workmanship of both diapers are awesome! If you ask me, I prefer the one with the velcros- just because it is much easier to manage compared to the many buttons.

Is there anything that you do not like about the cloth diapers?
Hmm… I feel that the diaper cut is quite big and so it does not fit some of the dresses that I bought for Baby Gillian. During the one week trial, Baby Gillian wore the cloth diapers at home and changed to disposables diapers when we went shopping.

Will you buy it?
Yes! I am intending to buy a few training pants for Baby Ryan! I feel that Moo Moo Kow cloth diapers are great gifts to my friends who are becoming mothers! The diapers are of a good cut and are made of great materials- so I suppose mothers will appreciate it. Another awesome thing about Moo Moo Kow would be that they offer one year warranty on their cloth diapers!


The products from Moo Moo Kow for this post are kindly sponsored by Spring Maternity.



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