Vaccination Part Deux

July 2013

Just when Ryan completed his vaccinations in April 2013. There is Part 2 of vaccination diaries with Baby Gillian. Her first immunisation started when she was born. The BCG vaccine for Tuberculosis and the first dose of Hepatitis B vaccine were given at Mount Alvernia.

As for completing the rest of the shots, we chose to return to Thai Shen Family Clinic at Bedok for vaccinations with our friendly Dr Cheong Lee Ching. I understand that the polyclinics are fully subsidising selected immunisations(see here). However, we returned to Dr Cheong because we feel that her vaccination package is comparable to the ones offered at the polyclinics. She administers the shots herself and she is a very meticulous person. She feels like those old-school doctor who has no airs and  genuinely cares for her neighborhood. Another plus point of having our vaccinations with her would be that we get to have the awesome vegetarian white beehoon from Bedok 85 for breakfast!



Baby Gillian, at 2 months, weighing 4.90kg.
And, yes, she is on total breast milk diet now. Yay!)


Here’s Baby Gillian, getting all ready for her 6-in-1 vaccination. The 6-in-1 vaccination combines vaccines against Diphtheria/Pertussis/Tetanus (DPT), Polio, Haemophilus Influenzae type B (Hib) and Hepatitis B in 1 injection. If you are wondering, what are these diseases:

Diphtheria: Starts as a throat infection, but can cause obstruction to breathing and death.
Pertussis(whooping cough): Causes prolonged attacks of coughing and can result in pneumonia (lung infection) or brain damage.
Tetanus: Causes severe muscle contractions, including those muscles that control swallowing and breathing. It often leads to death.
Poliomyelitis: Starts with mild fever but can result in paralysed and deformed arms or legs.
Hib: Is a bacterial infection that can cause meningitis, septicaemia, bronchitis and ear infections.
Hepatitis B: An infection of the liver that may have no symptoms. It can lead to liver failure or liver cancer in adulthood.

You can see how nasty these diseases are. So, to ensure that our children get their best protection, immunisations needs to be done at the appropriate age.


After the jab, Dr Cheong also informed us that there was a possibility of Baby Gillian getting fever. Baby Gillian did become feverish and slightly irritable in the evening. After two doses of Progesic, she is our the same cheerful baby again. 🙂20130616_205026



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