Weight Woes

June 2013

I was seriously thinking of a blog title with a more positive connotation. However, I suppose, this will suffice for now. The truth is that it has been 2.5 months and I have not lost my baby weight. And if the weight does not go off soon enough and just decides to comfortably settle down in my body, it will no longer be known as “baby weight”, it shall therefore be plain ol’ stubborn fats!!!

*major sigh* I find that losing weight after my second pregnancy is not as easy as the first time round. My current diet certainly is not helping either. I am a huge Pocky(chocolate flavour only!) fan and I must have one box of Pocky everyday! Yes, you read it right! Everyday! And I have been stealing huge spoonfuls of the oh-so decadent Ben and Jerry’s from the freezer at night. Not to mention, I must have my 2 cups of Milo everyday. I keep justifying that I am breastfeeding and so I need the energy. But we all know, I am just being greedy. For now, I finally concede that I need to cut off Pocky and ice cream after much nagging from E.

When I was full term with Baby Gillian, I was 62kg. After I gave birth, I was 58.5kg. Now, I am 56.5kg. In fact, after my one month of confinement, I was 56.5kg. Now, I am still 56.5kg. *sigh* I really expected to lose more weight and it is not cool when strangers come to me and asks me if I am pregnant. (-_-)”’ My ideal weight is 48kg-50kg. I am not greedy. I am not attempting to be as slim(45kg) as I was on my wedding day/when E and I were dating.


Because I am breastfeeding, taking any sort of weight loss pills should be avoided at all costs. So, I suppose exercise and proper diet is the way to go. However, I really need a push/encouragement factor, like perhaps going for some weight loss programme? Anyways, like what I have mentioned, I totally skipped the whole jamu wrapping for this post-pregnancy. Hence I decided to spend the savings that I have from not doing jamu into a weight loss service. I have been trolling Groupon quite abit these few days as I wanted to buy some suitable weight loss services. Last weekend, I saw that there was a Groupon for Fat Freeze and I googled about it. It is an non-invasive procedure that freezes the fats and will cause the fat to die and it will be naturally flushed out from the body. So far, I have read pretty good reviews about this treatment and hence I decided to go ahead and purchase 3 sessions of Fat Freeze programme for $550 with Only Aesthetics. Today I went for my first session at Raffles Place and here is my experience:

Appearance of the salon:

  • Place looks really cool with very avant garde furniture. In fact, I got a shock when the lift doors opened and I saw these masks-like chairs in front of me. Reminds me me the hypnosis clinic in the Zoolander movie.20130621_17432320130621_174500


  • I entered a small room and get seated on a comfortable chair. The therapist placed a huge mask-like cloth on my tummy. The wet mask was supposed to protect my skin from the super-duper cold temperature.
  • Therapist brought in a huge machine and placed the mouth of the equipment on my tummy. She pressed the “START” button. The  vacuum started sucking and it was quite uncomfortable for the first 2-3 minutes.20130621_175834
  • Then, I felt a cooling sensation on the targeted area. After which, it was just mindless waiting for 45 minutes for the machine its job. I spent my time, taking photos and whatsapping to E. Heehee.

After treatment:

    • There was not much of hard-selling. Perhaps it was my first session and there would be two more sessions and the sales talk might come in later. Anyway, I appreciate how there is no hard-selling for the first session. Seriously.
    • The targeted area of my tummy felt numb for the first 30 minutes but it feels okay now as I blog. Looks wise, it looks a tiny bit bruised. That is all.*****

It is just my first session and I will be updating on my second and third ones. So far, no difference. However, I will be trying to make a difference to my lifestyle and diet. The quest for beauty is not easy for some people like me. So here are some of my commitments.

  • To be more active.
  • Continue breastfeeding.
  • Drink more water.
  • Stop the snacking- Pocky, ice-cream and chips.
  • Apply Palmer’s firming cream every night.


P.S: I will be meeting 2 groups of my friends later. Please don’t entice me! Encourage me to lose weight okay? Don’t wave that so desirable yummy pork chop in front of me. Please…. *heehee* 



2 thoughts on “Weight Woes

  1. joyce says:

    Try eating oatmeal with milo. You get your milo and you get filled! And it’s supposed to up SS =D

    BTW, look forward to your review on the fat zapping place.

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