Terrific Three!

19 June 2013

And so, this year marks our third year of marriage. It is not a long time but sure felt that we have done too many things in a mere 3 years.

19 June 2010– Our wedding day!

19 June 2011– Lunch at Salt Grill and Sky Bar

19 June 2012– Dinner at Ao-Chan

When I first met Mister E at Azzucar at a salsa party on 21 August 2008, I sure did not know that I was going to marry him. My first impression of him was that he looked really cute! Plus he stayed really near me! Ours was definitely a whirlwind romance, considering how he proposed in less than a year! Of course, maybe to the rest of the world, he probably gained abit more weight(just like me), but to me, he looks exactly how he looked like 5 years ago. ♥♥♥

Anyway, there are much more about him than just being cute. Like he cooks fantastic Italian cuisine(his lasagna is the bomb!) . Like how he is usually quick to apologise. Like how he always tries his best to make sure that I get things that I really want. Like how he tells me that I am so beautiful despite my additional weight. Like how he wants to hug me almost all the time. Like how he will offer to peel the prawn shells for me. Like how he loves my family and friends. Like how he promises me that our future together will be better… Well, there are bad days but most days are usually good.

Here we are, on our third journey, with two beautiful children. Fancy dinners and late night movies are much lesser. We watch much more children programs and cater our days to entertaining the kids. It is a different type of happiness compared to our dating days. It feels much more fulfilling even though there are real exhausting and exasperating moments.

So, here we are, with Lil’ Ryan and Baby Gillian:


DSC04887-1(As you can see, it is amazingly difficult to get a family photo taken. Kids….)


We went for a buffet dinner at Olive Tree. This time round, we decided to bring Baby Ryan Lil’ Ryan along and leave Baby Gillian with my parents. The buffet spread was fantastic! The drunken prawns were so huge and juicy! And I got the privilege of E peeling the prawns for me.

Our lil Ryan had an awesome time running around the restaurant. Thankfully there were not too many patrons around that evening. (Note to self: Never wear heels every when I need to carry a 15kg baby around Bugis.)






So, to my dearest Mister E, Happy Number 3!



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