Breastfeeding- Medela PISA

June 2013

When you are expecting a baby, most first-time parents will go crazy shopping for all the baby items- baby clothes, baby bottles, baby bath items and so on. One of the first few biggest baby purchases for us was on a breast pump. I did my research and asked around. Many of my colleagues who were breastfeeding mothers strongly recommended Medela. I was deciding between Medela Pump in Style Advanced(PISA) and Medela Freestyle. I decided on getting the Medela PISA because the features suits my requirements the most.

My ever-faithful Medela)

(Liquid gold from one of my exhausting pumping sessions in the first month.)

  1. Effectiveness: It is a double electric pump and it allows me to save time and I can pump both breasts at one go. Time-saving is an important feature especially for working mothers as lunch break is usually one hour and in that 60 minutes, we have to buy lunch, pump milk and wash the equipment after use. I feel that PISA is quite good as the breasts are emptied quite thoroughly.
  2. Portability: The Medela PISA is built in a bag. This allows me to carry it everywhere easily. In fact, the PISA comes in a backpack, tote and metro bag. I chose the backpack because it is much better for my back condition. The backpack also carries everything that I need to pump like the tubings, the breast shields, the bottles and cooler pack.
  3. Functionality: One of my breastfeeding guru at my workplace, Audrey advised me that the PISA has a stronger suction compared to Freestyle. The PISA has a 2-Phase Expression- stimulation and expression.
  4. Price: PISA is not exactly the cheapest breast pump in the market. However, if utilised often enough, the benefits outweigh the costs. One of the push factors for me to continue breastfeeding to to make sure I stretch the mileage of my Medela. When I returned to work after my 4 months of maternity leave with Lil’ Ryan, my efficient Medela followed me for the next 8 months. And just when I thought my breastfeeding journey has ended for the time-being, I got pregnant with Baby Gillian. In fact, I have been using the Medela on-and-off while I am on maternity leave and it works just like before- Perfect!I don’t know about you but I hope you do find the perfect breast pump for your breastfeeding journey. For me, Medela works just right. :)****

    Before I end this post, here is a picture update of Baby Gillian! I don’t know why but we just keep falling in love over and over again with her smile.



Medela breast pumps can be purchased from our friendly Spring Maternity stores!



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