Gratitude Friday

July 2013


(Group photo, without Michi and Brandon because they were late. Heehee!)

Two weeks ago, we invited my Hai Sing friends for a dinner party at home. And E was our chef of the day. In fact, Mister E is the one who does most of the cooking at home. Not that I cannot cook but he is so much better at it. That evening, he prepared the Bacon and Mushroom Aglio Olio, Beef Lasagna and Garlic Potatoes and a few other dishes. Yvonne baked bread, from scratch! Huiwen cooked chicken curry and Michi prepared fried finger food. After dinner, I introduced them the Heads Up game that my students told me about and it was quite an hilarious session!


My friendship with my Hai Sing loves goes way a long long way, back in 1998, when I got promoted from Normal Academic and into their Express class in Secondary Two. It was then I first got to know Michi and Huiwen followed by the rest of them. Growing up with such awesome friends is a blessing. We celebrated birthdays, end-of-exams, holidays, Chinese New Year, Christmases…There were some rough patches for me while growing up but my friends were always there for me, being non-judgmental and always offering a listening ear. 🙂

When I look back at my schooling years, I feel really grateful. I got to know my best and oldest friends from Hai Sing. When I was in college, I met the most awesome and dedicated teachers whom I managed to keep in touch with some. In university, I was much less sociable but still there was the Ham Hams to tide through the BOSS biddings, the crazy seminars and endless projects.

There are days when I feel really lost and lousy. Not sure if adults are allowed to feel “emo”. Just this afternoon, I was recalling how lackadaisical I was during my university days, making so many bad decisions. It was so horrid just thinking how I chose to just scrap by my courses. This is why I always remind my siblings and my students to always give their best for their work. I suppose it just brought me to where I am now. If I do my checks and balances, it is not all that bad. I do have most of the things that I need and want at this point in time. Heehee. Like what E always remind me to do, I just need to be grateful and then I will start feeling better. 要感恩. 要感恩. 要感恩


Anyways, I need to wake the kids up from their nap soon! Got to plop them at my parents before heading for Friday Date Night with Mister E at Simpang! I am out!



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