Sleeping Beauty

July 2013

As new parents, we often find ourselves lacking of sleep. Two years ago, when Ryan was an infant, I found myself breastfeeding him almost all the time and being a light sleeper, I almost never had a good rest for the initial months. The fatigue really got to me and I was slightly depressed for a while.

Now, with Baby Gillian, we are more prepared. We knew that breastfeeding was not going to be a piece of cake. We knew that babies do not sleep as tightly as how we imagine them to be. Baby Gillian had rather short sleeping cycles, especially in the day. On many occasions, after she falls asleep while nursing and I decide to put her on her cot, she will begin to squirm, her eyelids flutter and before I know it, I see her gorgeous big eyes staring at me. (-_-)”’ Yes, she is beautiful, but sometimes it is frustrating when I want to get some sleep. *sigh*

E’s colleague, Ai Ling who has a baby a few months older than Baby Gillian extolled the virtues of sleeping bags to E. She told him that she used sleeping bags for both of her kids and both kids never had a problem sleeping through the night. At first, I was skeptical and told E that there was no difference between swaddling and sleeping bags. If Baby Gillian does not like swaddling(she hates being swaddled!), there should no reason why we should get a sleeping bag for her. However, E insisted that we give sleeping bags a try before concluding on anything. And I am glad we did!


We got the Red Castle CocoBag and Baby Gillian has been sleeping really well in it since.



When we first got it, we had no idea how it was supposed to be put on. E just decided that it was supposed to wrap Gillian, neck up. It looked so snugly on Baby Gillian and we did not think much about it especially since she slept so well every night for the next 4 days.




Of course, we did find out eventually what was the right way to wear it. It was supposed to be worn just under the arms. Baby Gillian very much prefers her Cocobag to swaddling. The Cocobag is made of a comfortable cotton material that keeps our baby princess feeling warm and fuzzy throughout the night.

In my opinion, I do think that babies usually sleep better when they are being wrapped up. I suppose it kind of reminds them of how they were like a few months ago when they were in the mother’s womb. However, I always have difficulty swaddling my babies because they always fight to get out of the swaddle and sometimes they end up sleeping with the swaddle at the corner of the cot. Now, with Cocobag, there don’t seem to be such a problem for Baby Gillian because it is able to contain Baby Gillian while allowing her some freedom of movement for her hands and legs. Much less restrictive than the swaddle.

There is also a 2-way zipper at the bottom of the Cocobag which is pretty useful when I need to check and change Baby Gillian’s diapers in the middle of the night. This way, Baby Gillian will not be woken up unnecessarily. Also, the Cocobag that Baby Gillian is using is slightly thick. Perfect for us because our house is almost air-conditioned most of the time we are home. Heehee.



(Baby Gillian, being woken up by kisses from Lil’ Ryan. You know what? This is my life everyday! Everyday, I see my kids growing up, looking so loving and happy! Gosh! I am so thankful!!! Thank God for all these blessings. This is so irrelevant but seriously, I feel so so so blessed.)


A baby with an awesome rest will be someone much more fun to play and interact with. So, ensuring that our kids get their beauty sleep is really important for our sanity. Just look at how cheery our lil’ princess Gillian look every morning! Awww…. 🙂





The product from Red Castle for this post are kindly sponsored by Spring Maternity.



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