Fever Virus.

July 2013

(Our truckload of medication from last week.)

Our family are 90% recovered from the fever viral that struck us last week. It was one crazy week when three out of four family members were down with the entire works- cough, flu, sore throat and fever. Only Mister E was spared from the illness. Thankfully he was healthy enough to ferry us to see the doctor several times that week. Each of us saw the doctor at least twice! Ryan went to see Dr Vasanthi twice. Baby Gillian saw Dr Vasanthi thrice. I went to a GP once and A&E at Parkway once. It was such madness to care for the kids when my temperature was hovering 38.5 and 39 Degree Celsius. *sigh*  I had to take 16 panadols in a span of two days. Yes, that was how ill I was.


Ryan had to use the nebuliser for the first time and he was so terrified and intimidated throughout the whole process. Baby Gillian was not spared either. The nurse had to put some tube down Gillian’s nose to suck the mucus out as her nose was really blocked. That happened on two out of three of her visits to the clinic. Seriously, watching our baby princess go through that was really heart-wrenching. No pictures for that as both E and I were really traumatised by the process.

Right now, everyone is almost recovered. Abit phlegm-y but so much better all the antibiotics. Baby Gillian has to return to Dr Vasanthi for review one week later because she is abit too young and Dr Vasanthi says it is important that she recovers 100%. Hoping that our little girl will recover from her cough and phlegm as soon as possible. xx




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