Weight Woes Updates

July 2013


I am now weighing at 55kg. Previously, I mentioned that I was 56.5kg(sometimes 57kg). For the past one week or so, I weighed myself and found that I am effectively 55kg. So, I am quite happy that I lost 1.5-2kg in about 2 weeks.

I am not sure if the weight loss is due to the first fat freeze session, or my fever virus one week ago or just the plain fact that my snacking has lessened significantly. However, I could not resist having two boxes of Pocky, a handful of chip and a quarter cup of Ben and Jerry’s last week though. E is so going to be slightly miffed if he realises that two boxes of Pocky went into my tummy. Actually, he will find out since he reads my blog. (>.<)

Just a few days ago, I went for my second and last session of fat freeze at Only Aesthetics. You can see from the picture above that I only managed to do the fat freeze treatment at a very small portion of my tummy. 4 inches to be exact. For the Groupon promotion, I was only allowed to use the standard suction, which is 4 inches per session. The suction also comes in bigger sizes like 6 inches and 8 inches. Those are much more expensive at $388 and $588 per session. In fact, that day when I went for my fat freeze sessions, my therapist recommended that I try something called cryotherapy. Basically, the user will enter some really cold chamber, usually to a temperature to -220 °C for 2.5 minutes. It is supposedly to help in weight loss as well however, it requires 7-8 sessions to see results. Each session is at $188. Hmm…$188 for 2.5 minutes. Anyway, E thinks that cryotherapy sounds abit more dangerous. Especially with the recent news of a second liposuction death, we all want to be more cautious in choosing the slimming treatments.

At the end of my fat freeze sessions, my therapist asked me if I wanted to take up a package. I told her that I will give serious consideration if I see better results after one month. Ideally, I hope to achieve at least 5-6kg of weight loss. This will work out to be paying about $100 for every kilogram lost. That is pretty worthwhile, at least from my point of view. Will update when I do lose more weight.

Gambatte! I am out!



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