Breastfeeding- Nursing Clothes

July 2013

Okay, post below will be me, in one of my favourite nursing clothes. After my first nursing experience with Ryan, I learnt that if I am serious about my breastfeeding journey(ala intending to nurse for at least one year), I should just get proper clothes and equipment to make the whole process more enjoyable. This is why I introduced My Brestfriend, Medela and nursing bras in my earlier entries.


One of the biggest push factors on why I have decided to get more nursing clothes will be the day when we attended Suk Ching’s wedding. Me, being vain, decided to not wear any of my old nursing dresses from Ryan’s time because they were out of fashion. I thought I would just feed Baby Gillian bottled milk if she went hungry. In the end, I wore some beige dress with no nursing access as seen from the pictures before.



Towards the end of the night, Baby Gillian was crying wildly because she did not want to be bottle fed. She wanted to be latched on and I could not do so because there were no nursing rooms available and the last place I want to feed her will be at the toilets. Not the cleanest environment for breastfeeding. Trust me.

So, E and I were really frazzled throughout the night. Baby Gillian could not be fed in the car as well as I was wearing something a dress with totally zero nursing access. It was totally inconvenient and unsuitable for breastfeeding. E was really upset to have to drive home with a screaming baby. He told me that I better get some clothes with nursing access as he does not want a repeat episode. *sigh*


A few weeks ago, we went to Spring Maternity and I saw so many dresses and tops with nursing access! Seriously! I wanted to get almost everything. They were fashionable, of great quality and had nursing access. There was a real sweet sales personnel who helped me in choosing the clothes and she was helpful in getting me different sizes and colours.



The pictures below are the best representation I can of the clothes. You know, I am not exactly model quality, weighing at 55kg. Heehee. Pictures are taken by Kimberly, my sister and I paid her $20 for it. (>.<) Totally out of point. But, basically, I am really trying my best.


This white dress with dove prints are one of my favourites. It is made of light cotton material and so it is very suitable for our hot and humid weather. This dress is fitting for work, church and shopping trips. It is of empire cut- very suitable for me, who is trying to hide my flabby tummy. If you ask me, I think pregnant ladies should get more dresses with nursing access because the clothes will have higher mileage. Looking at this dress, it looks like it is suitable for pregnant ladies as well because of the cutting.



This gorgeous black piece would be perfect if I wore it to the wedding. I accessorised it with some gold necklace that I bought from Far East Plaza and it looks really formal. If it is proper enough for weddings, it would be as well for work. This dress looks like something that I will be wearing pretty often when I return to work in about 1.5 months time.



This comfy pink top(major love!) and blue pants are perfect for weekend shopping trips. I have been wearing this pink top for so many occasions- to the park, to Polliwogs, to birthday parties. You can match the top with denim or linen shorts and the get-up is still as pleasing. The blue bottom is also from Spring Maternity. Pregnant mummies can purchase them and wear throughout pregnancy and also after the baby is out!



This fourth look is more retro and the nursing access is just below the colourful cloth. The cloth works almost like a nursing hood. This get-up is appropriate for so many occasions- work, weekends, afternoon tea with girlfriends and the list continues!



Spring Maternity is a great place to shop for mummies and mummies-to-be. There are many beautiful and fashionable pieces and at affordable pricing. Considering how pregnancy and breastfeeding will take up at least 1-2 years of our lives, I feel that it is really important that we enjoy these periods, wearing gorgeous clothes and looking awesome. Motherhood need not be the end of fashion and us wearing dull and baggy outfits. I am sure there is a part of us who wants to looks awesome for ourselves. This way, we can look back at our journey in photos and recall fondly our pregnancy and breastfeeding journeys. 🙂


The clothes for this post are kindly sponsored by Spring Maternity.



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