Ryan’s Kitchen Adventures

June 2013

After our fever episode, we are trying to be more responsible of Ryan’s eating habits. Previously, Ryan was surviving mainly on formula milk. He did not take much solids for breakfast, lunch or dinner. As a result, he did not get much of nutrition, resulting in him falling sick quite easily.

He is an extremely fussy eater. And it is a huge headache whenever it is meal time. Last Sunday, I decided to let him join me in preparing his meals in hope that he will want to eat more. The first meal he helped me to prepare was French Toast and he enjoyed the process very much. Hence, I repeated it today again.



Making French Toast is easy. Doing it with a 2 year old is the hard part. Of course, it is fun as well and I suppose I get to converse with him more and introducing to him more vocabulary- like soya sauce, magarine, dipping…


Tah-Dah! Ryan’s French Toast! This was breakfast for Ryan and me!



The objective is achieved! He ate his breakfast and I suppose you will be reading more of Ryan’s Kitchen Adventures in his blog!



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