Gillian’s Cambridge Cot

July 2013


I will be sharing about our Princess Gillian’s beautiful white Cambridge cot. As parents a second time round, E and I learnt the importance of having a separate bed for kids through the hard way.


We decided to get Baby Gillian a cot because after our experience with the first born when we initially bought a super cheap playpen, costing about $100, thinking that it would suffice for a baby. However, because of the light structure, the playpen moved every time Ryan stirred in his sleep. In the end, Ryan would be startled by the movements and ended up waking up in tears. To avoid this from happening again with Baby Gillian, we realise that it is important to provide her a safe, secure and comfortable place to sleep in. So far, Baby Gillian has been sleeping quite well in her beautiful white Cambridge cot. There is no squeaking or creaking when Baby Gillian stirs in her sleep. So when the kids are resting well, the parents will not be sleep-deprived as well.

Co-sleeping with babies is dangerous as statistics have shown of increased cot death risk. Despite knowing that, Ryan actually co-slept with us for almost two years because he could not sleep soundly on the lousy playpen. There were several times when I woke up, fearing that either E or I have crushed Ryan! In fact, Ryan has fallen off our bed once when we left him alone. That is one experience I do not want to re-live. By the time we bought a proper bed for him, it was he got used to sleeping next to us. We managed to wean him off sleeping with us because the HFMD episode in April 2013. It was a huge relief when we finally claimed ownership of our bed again. Now, we have a bigger sleeping area on the bed! That is a huge plus, considering how E and I have expanded over the years. Also, having the whole bed to ourselves meant that we could have more quality rest and couple time together. This time round, with Baby Gillian, we knew that having her sleeping on her cot will be much better for her and us.



Cambridge cot looks really stylish and versatile. We got the cot in white(it comes in beige as well!) and it coordinates with our room decor real nicely. I like the thin side rails as it gives the cot a light airy feel. I usually do not put on any cot bumpers as I want the cot to ventilate well.

The  cot has 3 adjustable heights and it is also convertible to a toddler bed. This means that when Baby Gillian gets older, the cot adapts to her needs. The bed can be set at 3 different heights so that Baby Gillian does not fall off. Currently, the cot is fixed at the first height- so that I do not need to bend over too much when I lift her up and down the cot. Eventually when Baby Gillian grows older like around 2ish, the sides can be talen off and it will be transformed into a toddler bed. This just means that this cot will be with us for at least 4-5 years! Definitely a good value purchase!


The Cambridge cot also comes with a teething rail. The silver-looking thing is the teething rail. It helps to protect Gillian from ingesting any dangerous cot part, like wood chip, stain or varnish. It also protects the cot from unsightly baby teeth gnaws and this means that the baby cot can be re-used or sold as a pre-loved item in the future!





Baby G enjoys beinng in her new Cambridge cot. Actually, she got it the day before her one month celebration and she has been sleeping really well in it, especially so in her Baby by Spring organic bed sheets. Like what I have blogged about previously, Baby by Spring is an in-house brand of Spring Maternity. They have a line of baby clothes and now, they also have range of baby bed sheets, pillow and bolster cases. Everything is made from bamboo cotton- super comfortable for the delicate skins of babies!



(Baby Gillian has been doing tummy time quite frequently in her second month. As of her 82rd day, she was able to lift her head up pretty well. That is really cool. I suppose that is parenthood for me, I am really happy and proud of my children when they are able to reach a new milestone successfully. No matter how small or insignificant the progress seems in the eyes of outsiders, any sort of advancement is awesome to me!)

Getting a cot is a big investment. However, when it is used wisely and long enough, it becomes value for money! I can see Baby Gillian using the Cambridge cot till it becomes a toddler bed for her or it can be re-used as a cot if E and I do decide to have a #3. Heehee.


Cambridge cot for this post are kindly sponsored by Spring Maternity.



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