Evening at ECP

July 2013

As I am typing, the kids are having their afternoon nap. Today is my second day without a maid. Still feeling good because it is just an awesome feeling not to have a stranger in your house. However, I am also tired from all the caring of kids alone and the many household chores- like laundry, cleaning of floor and washing of dishes. So, after weighing the pros and cons, having a helper is still a preferable option. Instead of spending time on endless household chores, I would so rather be reading to the kids, talking to Baby Gillian or maybe do some coloring with Ryan.


Last Monday, we went to pick E up from work at 6pm before scooting off to Polliwogs. Polliwogs closes at 7pm and late afternoon on weekdays are perfect for us. There is usually a smaller crowd- which equates to bigger area for Ryan to run around without bumping into another kid and it also means that the place will be less warm and stuffy.

After spending about 3-4 months at home with the kids because of my maternity leave, I learnt that it is important to exhaust the kids out in the morning and the late afternoons so that they will have their afternoon naps and have no difficulty to sleep at night. Their sleep time is my Me-time. So, everyday, I am very task-oriented towards making sure that Ryan and Gillian gets their fun and sleep. Heehee.


Here’s a picture of 4 of us. It was a beautiful evening. E carried Baby Gillian while I played sand with Ryan. It is moments like this that makes everything(the sleepless night, the endless self-doubting…) all so worthwhile.

(Daddy’s girl. How can anyone get angry with Baby Gillian? Her eyes are so mesmerizing)



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