First Hair Cut

July 2013

Among all the baby’s first, first haircut surely rank as one of the most special. I am not sure if it is a Chinese tradition thing, but Chinese babies usually have their hair shaved off after one month or on the 100th day. I went to check on the internet and it is along the lines of good luck, to ward of negative vibes or shaving helps hair to grow to be thicker and healthier.


On the 18th of July, Baby Gillian turned 100 day old. E took leave and we went to Turf City for lunch and Figets for Ryan. Baby Gillian also had her first hair shave at Polka and Tytar, located at Pasar Bella in Turf City.



As you can see, Polka Tytar is quite a fun place for kids to have their hair cut. Toddlers and older kids get to sit on a train, plane or car as the hair stylists go about taming their locks. Each haircut is priced at $18, which is comparable to many kids’ salons.




Ryan was the one who enjoyed the most during our 30 minutes at the salon. He got to sit on the plane, car and train and watched the cartoons that were playing on the tablets.





Here are some last few shots of Baby Gillian with her hair that she grew when she was in my womb. After 100 days of being with her, all of us have grown to adore her so much. While Ryan is a ball of energy, Baby Gillian has a calming presence. The fact that she is usually undemanding just makes loving her so much easier.





You can see that E is very in love with his baby girl. Awww….









Go…go…gone! And so, her head was shaven clean in barely 15 minutes. Throughout the process, she was mildly annoyed but she did not end up in tears. Both E and I thought it was a breeze compared to our experience with Ryan( You can read about Ryan’s experience here.). However, I still think Junior League might be a better place for babies to have their first shave as the stylist gave the impression that she was more familiar with shaving of babies head and envelopes were provided to keep the babies’ hair.


So how does our princess look like with her shaven head?



Still as gorgeous. If not, even more beautiful because her features are more prominent now. (Wah…like super biased) Anyways,  E and I cannot wait for her new head of hair to grow out soon!

Till then!



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