Art Attack- Painting

August 2013

Just months ago, in December 2012, I bought a set of Crayola paint set for Ryan. He did not show much interest in it. In fact, when we attempted to paint, he had a strong aversion towards having paint on his hands. And I was worried- I was thinking like, “Omg, why does my son not like art when every other child seems to like it?” I shared my worries with my mother and she told me to stop forcing Ryan to paint if he does not like it. Every child is different.

The paint set was kept away for months. Our art sessions just revolves around colouring with crayons or colour pencils because they do not stain his hands. Just two months ago, around the mid of June, I took out the paint set again and voila! Ryan seemed to have a different opinion on painting- he likes it! Like he likes it so much that he requests to paint everyday!


(Getting him to paint how is no problem now. He does not mind getting his hands dirty at all!)



Do I have any structure for his art sessions? Not really. I just pass him a drawing block and some paint. Sometimes, instead of a brush, I will ask him to use his hands, carrots or a sponge. This way, he can see how different tools can create different type of art work.

This boy can be kept entertained that way for a good 30 minutes or so while I feed or play with Baby Gillian. Sometimes, I will ask him what he is painting and he will tell me that it is a bird, flower or he will babble some word. From my perspective, I do not see any birds or flowers. Well, at least he does. And he is happy painting away.



I am definitely no expert in art. All I can see is that he enjoys painting and the mixing of colours. Through the art sessions, I notice that he is able to identify and differentiate the different colours. Sometimes, I wonder if I should be getting him to sit and read or write with me instead of messing so much with the paint or play-dough. There are so many kids around Ryan’s age who are attending Shichida and they know so much more than Ryan. On the other hand, there is another side of me that reminds me that Ryan is only 2. All these memorizing and work will have to wait. There is always a time and place for everything. There will come a time when Ryan and I will have to prepare for tests, 听写, spelling and mental sums. At this point in time, I suppose Ryan deserves to enjoy his childhood as much as possible.



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