Kitchen Adventures- Pizza Bread

August 2013



This is one of our kitchen adventures. All these cooking and preparation of food started in attempt to get him interested in eating. I suppose this is what most Stay at Home Mom(SAHM) do with their kiddos. They just have to plan activities for the kids to be occupied all the time, lest the kids go wild at home. During this 4 and going on 5 months of maternity leave, I got a taste of what a SAHM have to do everyday. It is not easy managing the household and the kids. In fact, I have to make a mental plan of what I intend to do the next day for the kids and the house. There is hardly time for myself. Wait! What is myself?

Anyway, getting Ryan to make pizza bread is quite fun. The utensils that we used are the kids-friendly IKEA types. During the activity, I gave only instructions and showed him how to do it. I tried not to offer any help when he was preparing his pizza bread. Instead, I took my time and waited for him to complete his. I would say, he liked doing everything himself but because his fine motor skills are not very developed yet, the end product was edible but quite sloppy. Heehee.

Did he eat the pizza bread for his breakfast? Yes, like possibly half. He fed his other half of the pizza to his enthusiastic Dad Dad.



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