Bumbo Seat

August 2013

Baby Gillian turned 4 months on 10 August! And by 4 months, it means that she has better gross motor skills. Our little bub is able to have better control of her hands and feet. Her neck muscles are also developed enough for her to sit with support and keep her head up. Because of all these new developments, it meant it is time to bring out our Bumbo floor seat. This yellow contoured plastic seat was bought for Baby Ryan when he was 3 months old.



After using the Bumbo seat for Ryan and now passing it on to Baby Gillian, I certainly have many reasons to share on you should get a Bumbo seat for your little one!





You can see that after owning it for almost 2 years, it looks as good as new after cleaning it with water! It is easy to clean and it does not gets marks easily. So if you are intending to buy for your first child, please go ahead. It is durable enough to last till your second or even third child.

Promotes good sitting position

The Bumbo seat is soft yet sturdy and promotes an excellent upright sitting position for babies. It allows babies like Gillian to sit upright before they have the strength to do so themselves.


Bumbo seat is suitable for any flat surfaces- so you can use it at home on the floor or you can put it on the grass when you bring it to the park as a picnic seat for your baby! (You must NEVER to place your child on a Bumbo seat on a elevated ground.) It is also light and easy to carry and travel with. You can pop the seat in the car when you are visiting a friend/relative’s house and you can be sure that your baby have a safe place to play in.



Allows a better visual environment

The upright position allows Baby Gillian to have a new visual field of environment compared to just lying down and it also gives our arms a rest. Being in a sitting position, she can be more interactive when we are reading or playing with her. You can tell that Baby Gillian loves her Bumbo seat from her captivating smiles. I find that having a Bumbo seat is  especially handy at the present moment when I am without a domestic helper at home. I can just put Baby Gillian on the Bumbo with a toy for a few seconds while I quickly get Ryan’s snack ready or dump the laundry into the washing machine. I also put Baby Gillian in her Bumbo seat when I am reading books to her. Instead of lying down all the time, sitting is a welcomed change for her.


The Bumbo seat will be more useful over the months, particularly when she starts on her semi-solids at 6 months. By then, Baby Gillian using her seat during her meals and snack time. Being in a Bumbo seat will assist a baby who needs to be upright after feeding due to reflux. In fact, I intend to update more often when Baby Gillian starts on her semi-solids as I want to be more involved in her  diet and nutrition. Hence, you will be seeing more pictures of Baby Gillian on our friendly yellow Bumbo chair.


Overall, I am a happy Mummy using the Bumbo floor seat the second time round. It is something that I will recommend parents to get or friends to get for baby showers. It is something that will definitely be used and we cannot wait to start using it during meal times!


Bumbo floor seats can be purchased from our friendly Spring Maternity stores! They are also available in different colours- yellow, blue, pink, green and purple. 



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