August 2013

As a Spring Maternity blogger, I was invited to a NESTLÉ event held at Bella Luna, Harbourfront for the launch of their new maternal milk supplement- MOM & ME. This premium nutritional supplement has been specially designed for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. In fact, it is the ONLY nutritional supplement in the market with BIFIBUS BL probiotics.


Hmm, so I suppose you must be wondering what is so special of having BIFIBUS BL probiotics in a maternal milk supplement.
Trust me, I was curious as well!


(Here’s Sharon from Nestle who presented to us the benefits of MOM & ME!)

The good people from Nestle shared how BIFIBUS BL is extensively researched prebiotics which help to fight against harmful bacteria, thereby helping to maintain a healthy digestive system for mothers. You definitely want to be sure that you do not suffer from any food poisoning or diarrhea to add to all the discomfort during pregnancy . Hence, ensuring a healthy digestive system will help. In fact, there are 35,000,000 BIFIBUS BL probiotic in every glass of MOM & ME!

On top of that, NESTLÉ MOM & ME contains:

  1. Highest levels of DHA* which are important building blocks for the brain and eyes development.
  2. Folic Acid that helps in the mental and overall development of the foetus.
  3. Calcium and Iron. Calcium that supports the development of strong bones and teeth. Vitamin D that helps enhance calcium absorption and improves bone strength.

Ladies can start drinking MOM & ME from the moment they know that they are pregnant. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the baby’s development relies on the essential nutrients only a mother can provide through good nutrition. By taking 2 glasses of  MOM & ME, pregnant and breastfeeding mummies can be rest assured that they are taking a unique combination of nutrients to meet increased needs this period. Isn’t it awesome?



(Hmm… I see someone familiar a midst the beautiful ladies. Isn’t that Baby G? She looks like she is listening intently on what will be going into her breast milk later. Heehee.)


At the end of the day, all I wanted to know was if Mom & Me tasted yummy. That will be the deal-clincher for me. From experience, I know that maternal milk supplements can taste along the lines of being overly sweet or chalky. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth and refreshing Mom & Me tasted! For mummies like me who prefer a more chocolate-y taste, you can add in MILO powder and it will taste just as awesome!

It must be noted that only luke-warm water(no warmer than 45C) or cold water must be used when preparing your Mom & Me drink. Hot water will destroy the prebiotics in Mom & Me. Actually, drinking cold milk is not an issue for me or for most pregnant mothers as we usually experience hot flushes when we are pregnant. At this point if time, when the weather is so hot and humid, having a glass of cold milk is much more desirable to me.

If you are wondering how does Mom & Me taste like, you can get a sample tin from their Facebook page while stock lasts!


PicMonkey Collage8

The second session was a talk presented by the CEO and Founder of Mind your Diet. She is a mother of a set of twins and a 10 month old baby. From her presentation, I can feel that she is very passionate about nutrition for mothers and babies! She gave insight how a reasonable diet would look like for pregnant and lactating mothers and where we could find some key nutrition like folic acid, DHA and so on in our daily meals.


The third session of the Nestle event is the fashion show by Spring Maternity. After all the knowledge of on nutrition and diet, mummies also want to know that one can look still trendy during pregnancy and nursing period. You can be sure that Spring Maternity is at your service to assist mummies in looking great and stylish during this journey!

Here is our friendly emcee for the fashion show, Danielle from Spring Maternity.



Before I share about the three lovely collections, I want to introduce our gorgeous Spring Maternity models and they are Siangling, Evie and Germaine. Siangling and Germaine are real pregnant mothers- as in their bumps are for real! Evie, mother to two handsome boys, is the model for Spring’s nursing collection.

During the fashion show, Spring Maternity show cased three collections- Lemon Dust Collection, Midnight Coral and also their nursing range. I will be sharing some of my favourite outfits from the three collections. The pictures that I took does not do any justice to the the clothes and models. (You know, I am neither a professional photographer nor do I own any DSLR. However, you can click on the link below to see professional pictures taken by Faith Moments Photography!) Just to note, because I am a nursing mom, I tend to be pay more attention to the nursing tops and dresses.

Lemon Dust Collection

PicMonkey Collage1

Germaine is wearing a simple, feminine nursing top. It has discreet panels at the side that reveals accessible vertical center opening for nursing moms. I feel that it will be a good nursing piece to own because it is very versatile- you can pair it shorts or jeans and you are set for the weekend shopping!

PicMonkey Collage2

I also like this little black dress that Germaine is wearing. The ruched sides leading to flowing drapes, add to a touch of elegance, This LBD is also a nursing dress for nursing mothers. Just need to accessorize this dress with a chunky necklace or bangle and you will be good to go for a night’s out with the hubby!

Midnight Coral Collection

This is my favourite collection among the three and it will be launched in all Spring Maternity’s stores in this week! Yay! Mad excited about it! This range shows that maternity and nursing wear can be as fashion-forward as our normal clothes! Everything is so chic!

PicMonkey Collage3

Siangling is in a contrast top. This top enforces a slim figure while complimenting the bump! When paired with a panel skirt, it gives a fun yet professional feel and you are ready for work!

PicMonkey Collage4

If I were pregnant again, I will definitely get this dress! I love the sexy cutouts at the back to the cheerful colour blocking and prints of the dress. This dress compliments the curves of a pregnant mummy and gives a radiant glow to all skin tones! (In my opinion, this is a must-buy! Totally cute!)

PicMonkey Collage5

Evie is in a casual nursing dress. There is a zip in front of the dress for easy access for nursing. The small asymmetrical slit along the hem and the scoop neckline enhance the femininity of the dress. I like this piece because it looks casual but can be made look more formal when dressed up with long bold necklaces or accessories.

PicMonkey Collage6

Siangling looks effortlessly chic in this printed top with chiffon sleeves. This printed black and white bodice makes it very suitable for office wear. It can be easily matched with a pencil skirt or black pants.

Nursing Collection

PicMonkey Collage7

This is one piece that pregnant mummies should get because it will last them throughout their pregnancy and nursing journey. The empire fitted dress highlights the bust and bump. Simple accessories will be perfect in spicing this dress up!

PicMonkey Collage7

Siangline’s dress has beautiful pleats that compliments the curves. The slim belt helps to define the body shape. There is also side nursing access which ensures complete ease and comfort while breastfeeding. This look goes well with both flats or heels.


So Mummies and Mummies-to-be, there is really little reason why we should allow ourselves to look lesser than what we can truly be during our pregnancy and breastfeeding period.  At Spring Maternity, you have so many choices to choose from! What is even better is that Spring Maternity is a one-stop place for all of mothers. Not only can we get our fabulous clothes from Spring, we can also shop for baby items, baby toys and products while we are there!

And you can be sure that was what I did after the event! Heehee.



At the end of the event, everyone was treated to a 10 minute massage session, complimentary by Bella Luna. In fact, Bella Luna also specialises in pre- and post natal massages! I did not get the chance to try out the massage that day as I was really busy. But I will definitely want to return to utilise my 45 minutes massage voucher. Heehee.



Here’s a picture of me and the beautiful models! We are all dressed in Spring Maternity outfits!


After the session, everyone took back a cute pink bag of goodies! There is a sample tin of MOM & ME which I have tried and loved it especially with MILO, recipes on how to spice up your MOM & ME drink, product samples from Bübchen Mama, vouchers from Spring Maternity and Bella Luna! 



Links for your convenience:

For free NESTLÉ MOM & ME samples

For shopping with Spring Maternity

For more information on nutrition and diet with Mind Your Diet

For photos of the event- Faith Moments Photography



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