Breastfeeding- Nursing Tops

August 2013

I love dresses- but usually for work and occasions only. On weekends and because of the type of activities that our family does(like going to Polliwogs or heading to the parks), I very much prefer to be in shorts and tops. I am the typical Singaporean who loves to be in just simple tops and shorts. This combination is just much more convenient and comfortable for me, a mother to a breastfed baby and an active two year old.

Breastfeeding works best when mothers are feeling relaxed. Hence, it is important that nursing mothers like me feel at ease nursing when we are out with the kids. Some mothers like me can feel self-conscious breastfeeding in public and this is  where well-designed breastfeeding clothing can really help. Nursing tops offer quick and easy access to the breast for nursing your little one, while keeping the chest, tummy and back covered. Today, I want to share on some of my favourite nursing tops from Spring Maternity. They are functional, fashionable and fabulous!


Cut-out Shoulders Nursing Top

Cut-out shoulder tops are a fun trend this season. They are perfect for showing some skin but not too much skin. I can see many of the ladies owning at least one piece of cut-out top in their wardrobe. Nursing mothers can also be just as stylish.

PicMonkey Collage4

 This cut-out top from Spring Maternity has a relaxed designed with draped hemline. The outer purple overlay serves as a nursing cover,so as to minimize accidental exposures. It is made from soft cotton fabric and available in both purple and black. You can easily pair this top with shorts or jeans for a casual weekend lunch outing with your baby and girlfriends.


Colour-Blocking Nursing Tops

I love colour blocking! Colour-blocking gives a dynamic and confident look!

The nursing tops at Spring Maternity is just as fashion-forward. The way to wear colour-blocked outfits is to usually match it with simple accessories- like a statement necklace or bangle.

PicMonkey Collage8

This top is thoughtfully designed in a long and relaxed silhouette perfect for immediate post-partum wear. Love the vertical pink-beige blocks as it gives a slimmer-me illusion.

PicMonkey Collage9

Nursing mothers can look immaculate in this colour blocked nursing tunic.  The hemline hits below the hip and you can match it with black leggings for a clean and sleek look.


Royal Blue Nursing Tops

Continuing on from the Fall 2012 trend, Royal Blue(or otherwise known as Colbalt Blue), whether paired with black or worn monochromatically, was a popular trend for Spring 2013. You can see many outfits that are also available in Royal Blue in Spring Maternity. Colbalt Blue is a great alternative to black and is flattering for most skin tones.

PicMonkey Collage7

This top is great for office or formal events with matched with a work skirt. It has a 3 button front. To nurse, you can unbutton the front and lift the inner layer.

PicMonkey Collage7

 This top is constructed with a front drape and the fluid gathers cascading from the neckline, sweeping down to one side of the body. This nursing top features vertical-front nursing access. The draped overlay covers centre nursing opening on inner layer for discreet breastfeeding.  This nursing top can be matched with a pair or Capri or shorts for the active weekend. Draped tops are especially flattering for me, who is trying to hide a few extra kilograms at my tummy. Heehee.


Simple, yet Stylish Nursing Tops

The three tops below will classify under my wardrobe staples because they are just so easy to match and you can wear them for both casual or work.

PicMonkey Collage3

This is a simple, chic top and the gold button hides the vertical-front nursing access. It also features a wide round neck that shows off the collarbones and neck. Accessorise this green top with a long necklace, match it with a pair of jeans or short and you are ready for a trip to the park or indoor playground with your kiddos!

PicMonkey Collage2

This is also another functional, yet versatile black nursing top. What I love about the top is that it is made from bamboo cotton. Bamboo cotton is an awesome material. Fabric of the nursing clothes matters a lot  for mothers who are latching their babies. As babies’ skins are usually sensitive, it is best that we wear clothes that are soft and smooth, and without any sharp spurs that may irritate the babies. The black top that I am wearing may look really simple. However, it is possible to dress it up with a tulle skirt(also from Spring Maternity!) and a nice pair of heels and the look is both feminine and stylish.

PicMonkey Collage6

This black is constructed with hem-lift access. Lift outer layer at hem to breast-access openings on either side of bust on inner lining layer.  This is a basic that can be spruced up for work or dressed down for the weekends.


Okie dokes, that is all for Fashion Friday! I am out! Enjoy your weekend!


Nursing tops for this post are kindly sponsored by Spring Maternity.



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