Art Attack- Colour Mixing

August 2013

This whole week, I got Ryan to experiment with colour mixing and he loves it.

During the process, I got him to tell me what the two colours(e.g. red and blue) were before mixing, what was the new colour(e.g. purple) formed and where could he find the new colour in our environment(e.g. Barney, the purple dinosaur or purple grapes). He clearly enjoys the process and is often surprised by how two primary colours when mixed together can form a secondary colour.




I suppose in the coming week for our art sessions, I will get him to do vegetable printing since I have bought quite abit of vegetables this morning. Heehee. (Or maybe I should sit down with him to make sure he starts colouring within the lines… this is something that is not very good at and I am trying to get him to do so.)



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